Sing of His Mercies

Oh, sing of the mercies of Christ, our King –
Rejoice evermore – let His praises ring;
Our Lord is gracious, merciful, and true…
To His precious Name, all glory is due.
Sing of His Mercies.

All power is given unto Him, friend,
And His mighty kingdom is without end;
He is Ruler of all heaven and earth…
And He holds the key to spiritual birth.
Sing of His Mercies.

Oh, sing from your heart, ye congregations,
He is faithful to all generations;
Sing and make melody unto the Lord…
And live according to His Holy Word.
Sing of His Mercies.

Tell how He redeemed you from Satan’s hold,
And imparted joy to your heart and soul;
This world needs to know Christ is Lord and King…
Let us lift our voices and clearly sing…
Sing of His Mercies.

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