Sing Praises to God

At midnight, Paul and Silas prayed
And proclaimed God’s precious Word;
They raised their voices and sang praise…
And the prisoners all heard.
The foundations began to shake,
And the doors all opened wide…
There, in the midst of the earthquake,
The Savior was by their side…
As they sang praises to God.

The darkness cannot penetrate
Hearts filled with God’s Holy Light;
But the Light can sure separate…
A bound soul from sin’s dark plight.
As Paul and Silas preached and prayed,
Oh, what a sight to behold!
The keeper of the jail was saved,
And all within his household…
As they sang praises to God.

When darkness is all around you,
The Light of the Lord is there;
Though evil forces surround you…
You can trust His loving care.
Let the world know of Calvary,
And that God will forgive sin;
Christ came to set the captives free…
He seeks to save sinful men…
As we Sing Praises to God.

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