Thank God for Miracles

It took a miracle from above
To create the world we see,
And it took a miracle of love
When Christ died on Calvary.
It took a miracle of God’s power
To raise Jesus from the grave,
And it takes a miracle this hour…
For a lost soul to be saved…
Thank God for Miracles.

Yes, it takes a miracle of grace
To redeem a sinful soul,
And a wondrous miracle takes place
When God warms a heart grown cold.
Our Lord is good at miracles, friend,
His love and mercy are great,
His arm is stretched out to heal and mend…
And lift to a holy state…
Thank God for Miracles.

When we humbly serve our Lord each day,
And walk on the righteous path,
We see miracles along the way…
Souls saved from judgment and wrath.
Nothing is too hard for our great God
Who gives life forevermore…
Receive Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
And you’ll enter heaven’s door…
Thank God for Miracles.

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