“Show us wonderful signs.” –Micah 7:15

The Lord is all-powerful and all-knowing. Therefore, He is never at a loss, never surprised, and never on the defensive. Logically, the all-powerful, all-knowing Lord must always be on the offensive. Therefore, events opposed to God’s will are necessarily defensive maneuvers by Satan and those he is using. For example, the terrorists’ attacks on September 11, 2001, were in opposition to the Lord’s work of salvation. We naturally wonder what the Lord was and is doing that would be such a threat to the evil one. Why did Satan react so violently? Of course, we probably don’t know the specific answer to what the Lord is doing behind the scenes. However, we can be sure that God is showing “wonderful signs” (Mi 7:15), having “compassion on us, treading underfoot our guilt,” casting “into the depths of the sea all our sins” (Mi 7:19), and showing faithfulness and grace to us (Mi 7:20).

By faith, see the awesome works of the Lord dwarfing even the most shocking defensive actions of the evil one. Jesus’ victory is won. He is enthroned forever as the King of kings and the Lord of lords (see Heb 10:12-13). “Despite the increase of sin, grace has far surpassed it” (Rm 5:20). Alleluia forever! Thank You, Jesus!

PRAYER: Father, open my eyes of faith.
PROMISE: “Whoever does the will of My heavenly Father is brother and sister and mother to Me.” –Mt 12:50
PRAISE: In addition to Latin and his native Italian, St. Lawrence mastered German, French, Czech and Spanish. He was also fluent in the biblical languages Greek and Hebrew. He evangelized far and wide.

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