The Dream

I had a strange dream
Very late last night.
I saw the Lord Jesus,
His face shining bright.

He asked me a question
That brought me to tears:
He asked where I’d been
For the past couple years.

When I answered I said:
“I’ve been reading Your Word
And praying quite often.
Why? Haven’t You heard?”

Then He replied: “Yes,
I’ve heard everything,
But don’t I deserve more?
After all, I’m your King.”

I said after a while:
“What more can I do?
What else would You like
Me to do to please You?”

“Tell the world of My love”,
He replied to me,
“That I died for them
On Calvary’s tree.”

Then, I said: “Yes, Lord,
I will do as You say,
And all of Your laws
I will try to obey”.

With a smile on His face,
He asked one more thing:
“Could you please do
Something else for the King?”

“I’d like it if you
Would talk to Me more,
And tell Me your problems
More than before.”

“I love you so much
And I hope you will see
That we should be
Closer friends, you and Me.”

Right then, I woke up
And thought about my dream,
And just now I’ve told you
What I had seen.

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