Today’s Promise : The earth belongs to Me and all that is in it

Psalm 24:1 (WEB)
The earth is Yahweh’s, with its fullness;
the world, and those who dwell therein.

Promise #60: The earth belongs to Me and all that is in it.


When everything seems to be spinning out of control, it is comforting to remember this promise. When the economy is shaking and fear rises up in people’s hearts around you, it is reassuring to meditate on the bigness of our God. The New International Version translation of Psalm 24:1 says it this way… The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; (NIV)

Simply put, God is sovereign. He is on the throne and all of the earth and everything in it belongs to Him. Our adversary may be called the prince of the power of the air, but he is NOT the Lord over heaven and earth. Our God and Father reigns over all and our Elder Brother will be forever known as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

My prayer today is that we would all be comforted in knowing that our Heavenly Dad is the biggest, strongest, most loving Dad there is in the universe! The entire earth and all that is in it belongs to Him. If you have a chance to watch a 12 minute video that boasts about the bigness of your Heavenly Father, watch The Best Dad In The Universe video. It will definitely remind you just how BIG your Dad is!

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