“I have truly built You a princely house, a dwelling where You may abide forever.” –1 Kings 8:13

Solomon built the Temple which the Lord filled with a cloud of His glory (1 Kgs 8:10-11). We who have been baptized into Christ, however, are greater than Solomon (Mt 11:11). Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19) and the Holy Trinity lives within us.

Many sick people touched the tassel of Jesus’ cloak and were healed (Mk 6:56). We, however, have actually received – and can daily receive – the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus, Who is God. Kings and prophets wished to see and hear what we see and hear, but they have not seen and heard it (Lk 10:24). We in the new covenant are the most privileged, gifted, and blessed people who have ever lived.

Let us thank the Lord constantly for lavishing His love on us, and let us remember: “When much has been given a man, much will be required of him. More will be asked of a man to whom more has been entrusted” (Lk 12:48). We who have the greatest privileges have the greatest responsibilities. Live accordingly!

PRAYER: Father, make me so constantly and deeply aware of being Your child that I live a new life.
PROMISE: “Let us enter into His dwelling, let us worship at His footstool.” –Ps 132:7
PRAISE: St. Josephine habitually answered a query of “How are you?” with her heartfelt response, “As the Master desires.”

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