“I will give thanks to You, O Lord, with all my heart.” –Psalm 138:1

Mass Readings: May 8
First: Acts 16:22-34; Resp: Psalm 138:1-3,7-8; Gospel: John 16:5-11

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The “radical newness” of the Christian life (see Lay Members of Christ’s Faithful People, Pope St. John Paul II, 10) is sometimes buried under our sins and lukewarmness (see Rv 3:16). In our refusal to abandon ourselves totally to the Lord, we make Christianity a club, game, organization, or private avocation. However, life in Christ is not merely one option as a possible way of life. It is the only Way that is true, life-giving, loving, freeing, and victorious over death. To be a Christian is the most radical and exciting adventure that a human being can ever decide to go on.

Our life in Christ is the only life worth dying for. In and for Christ it is our privilege to be attacked, stripped, flogged, whipped, jailed, and martyred (see Acts 16:22ff). In the Christian life, the earth quakes, prisons are rocked, doors fly open, and chains are snapped (Acts 16:26ff). Life without Christ is so boring that only those blinded by sin and dead in sin could stand it.

What are you waiting for? Choose life (see Dt 30:19), excitement, and love. “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, and all your household” (Acts 16:31).

PRAYER: Father, give me the life worth dying for.
PROMISE: “Yet I tell you the sober truth: it is much better for you that I go. If I fail to go, the Paraclete will never come to you, whereas if I go, I will send Him to you.” —Jn 16:7
PRAISE: Ann prays the Scriptures when she suffers through a sleepless night.

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