“There was a tiny whispering sound.” –1 Kings 19:12

God communicates in myriad ways. On occasion, the Lord roars (Am 1:2; 3:8) and thunders (Ps 29:3, 7-9). However, a major characteristic of God’s communication with mankind is His whisperings and His silence. The Lord often whispers, as He did to the prophet Elijah. He is gentle (Mt 11:29). “He will not contend or cry out, nor will His voice be heard in the streets” (Mt 12:19). God is regularly found in silence. Often the Lord seemingly “hides,” for example, in the tabernacle or in the Eucharist.

Therefore, we must “seek the Lord while He may be found” (Is 55:6). He doesn’t hide so that we won’t be able to find Him. He does not remain silent so that we won’t be able to hear Him. God whispers so that we can learn His will (see Is 30:20-21). He comes to those who are still and silent enough to wait for Him (see Ps 46:11; Is 30:15).

Can you still and quiet your soul in order to hear His whispers and silence? (Ps 131:2)

PRAYER: Father, may I want to hear You so badly that I will turn off everything else.
PROMISE: “I have been most zealous for the Lord, the God of hosts.” —1 Kgs 19:14
PRAISE: Mark spends time in Eucharistic adoration each day.

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