The sweetness of God

Some day, the teacher, wanting to know if all had studied the lesson requested, asked the children who could explain who God is.

One boy raised his hand and said: God is our Father, He made the earth, the sea and all that is in it, we did as children of Him wanting more answers professor went further. How do you know God exists if you have never seen?

The whole room fell silent. Peter, a very shy child, raised his hand and said: My mother told me that God is like sugar in my milk she does every morning. I do not see the sugar is in the bowl of milk, but if she does not put the sugar, the milk is tasteless. God exists and is always among us, just do not see it. But if He is not, our life is tasteless. The professor smiled and said: Okay Peter, I have taught you many things, but you, Peter, have taught me something deeper
that everything that I knew. Now I know that God is our sugar and is sweetened our everyday lives.

He kissed her and left surprised with the response of that child.

Wisdom is not knowledge, because there are many theories, but the sweetness of God as there is still not in the best sugars.

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