“New wine should be poured into fresh skins.” –Luke 5:38

Everything has changed with the coming of Jesus Christ into this world. All prior ways of relating to God cannot even begin to compare with the new way of relating to God introduced by Jesus.

Those who related to God before Jesus sometimes placed more importance on the religious practices than on the relationship with God. We must never mistake the path for the goal, which is Jesus Christ. We are to “keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,” the Goal (Heb 12:2).

Even while walking the path to Jesus in this earthly life, the Lord has given us help. Jesus told us: “I am the Way” (Jn 14:6). So Jesus is both the Way, that is, the Path, and the Goal. Thus, when we perform Christian service, disciplines, and devotions, such as fasting, we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus rather than successfully checking off another box on our checklist.

It is a constant goal of the devil to get us to take our eyes off Jesus and introduce pride and selfishness into our worship, devotions, and service. When you grow tired in your Christian walk, come to Jesus constantly for refreshment (see Mt 11:28) rather than to the world for relief.

PRAYER: Jesus, when I get tired for You, may I never get tired of You.
PROMISE: “Take delight in the Lord, and He will grant you your heart’s requests.” —Ps 37:4
PRAISE: Joanna, a pro-life legislator, fasted and prayed prior to her decision to run for public office.

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