Jesus “used images in speaking to them: ‘Can a blind man act as guide to a blind man?’ ” –Luke 6:39

Jesus noted the obvious: a blind person can’t lead a blind person. This can be applied spiritually. Those “blinded by the god of the present age” (2 Cor 4:4) disqualify themselves from being effective leaders in the secular world and especially in the Christian community. The blinding god of the present age is materialism, secular humanism, and the self-centered lifestyle. If we don’t let ourselves be crucified to this pleasure-seeking way of life (see Gal 6:14), then we cannot see well enough to lead anyone.

If we are not blind but our vision is impaired because of a plank in our eye, we are not immediately disqualified from leading. However, we must put any leadership on hold until we remove the plank from our eye through repentance. Then we can take the lead in removing specks from others’ eyes (Lk 6:42).

In summary, true leadership requires radical and repeated repentance. Without deep repentance, we will never be good husbands, wives, parents, priests, pastors, or pastoral leaders. Leaders don’t have to be perfect, dynamic, or brilliant, but they must be repentant enough to see spiritually. Repent and lead.

PRAYER: Father, for Your sake, my sake, and the sake of those I love and lead, may I repent today and go to Confession as soon as possible.
PROMISE: “In fact, I do all that I do for the sake of the gospel in the hope of having a share in its blessings.” –1 Cor 9:23
PRAISE: Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez have led a Bible study in their home for years.

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