To Thank Jesus for the Cross

Lord it was Good Friday,
The day on which you paid.
Man’s debts you cancelled, man’s sins you cleansed.
By man you were betrayed.

To reconcile us to yourself,
The power of the cross,
A holy living sacrifice,
To save mankind who’s lost.

You shed your blood for all,
To bring us into light,
That we may look and turn to You, for everlasting life.

The Lamb who takes away our sins,
Whose truth will set us free,
For God so loved, he gave his Son,
Such love for you and me.
The atonement on Good Friday, the ransom that you gave, who you raised to life, so we might live,
Defeated death and grave.

Your words will never pass away,
Your love for us remains,
You’ll raise us on that holy day,
Washed free of sin and stains.

Thank you God Almighty,
I know I’m bought at a cost.
I know that I’m a sinner,
And I know that I was lost.

You’ve given me understanding,
You’ve helped me see in part,
You’ve made me new, to follow you,
To keep you in my heart.

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