Today, we pray for those living in sexual sin

Lord Jesus, You taught us about love. But to some, love is manifested as lust. We pray for our brothers and sisters living in the bondage of sexual immorality, especially the ones who live that way – in secret. May they have the courage and integrity to recognise their folly and fight it, with Your grace. Pour forth Your Spirit on each one of us so that we may never fall into evil. Amen.

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  1. Dr John Celes says:

    Yes, it is very true that love could very often turn lust within marriage or extra-maritally and for those who try to stay single. A habitual sin is tough to control and deal with.Prayers, fasting and reading the Holy BIBLE often and going through the passions of Jesus Christ only can help. The Sacrament of Reconciliation can help to do away with it in the longer is the duty of every good Christian to pray for the weaker-willed human beings staying in the clutches of the devils by habit through sexual sins which are very much on the increase these days. May the Holy Spirit fetter the devils that destroy souls this way.

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