Today’s Promise : I will rescue you from evil and safely deliver you into My kingdom

2 Timothy 4:18 (WEB)
And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work,
and will preserve me for his heavenly Kingdom;
to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Promise #179: I will rescue you from evil and safely deliver you into My kingdom.


Paul the Apostle, was writing to his spiritual son, Timothy, when he made this reference. We know from the telling of Paul’s life in the Bible that his life was difficult. He was stoned, beaten, ship wrecked, imprisoned and persecuted at every turn.

I am sure there were times where he struggled with discouragement. But even through the darkest moments, we do know that he eventually came to a place where he declared in Romans 8:38 that nothing on earth or in heaven, could ever separate him from the love of God in Jesus Christ.

From what I understand, this letter to Timothy was near the end of Paul’s life and he was already looking towards his eternal home in heaven. Praise God for his declaration that the Lord would rescue him from evil and safely deliver him into an everlasting kingdom where there would be no more pain or suffering.

Praise God for this promise! No matter what trials you are suffering at this moment, you can rest assured that our God and Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ will rescue you and safely deliver you into an amazing, everlasting kingdom.

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