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05:40 am Morning Prayer (Every Day)
06:00 am Mass in Tamil (Every Day)
07:00 am Mass In Tamil (Monday to Saturday)
08:00 am Mass In Telugu (Every Day)
09:00 am Mass In Malayalam (Every Day)
10:00 am Mass In English (Every Day)
11:00 am Mass In Hindi (Every Day)
12:00 noon Mass In Tamil (Every Day)
03:00 pm – 04:00 pm Prayer (Every Day)
04:00 pm Mass In Tamil (Every Day)
05:00 pm Mass In Tamil (Sunday Only)
06:00 pm Novena Prayer and Mass In Tamil (Every Day)

217 Responses

  1. sinthiya says:

    “You are doing” Wonderful Job May GOD Bless You More and more to spread his Blessings through this website.


    • pooja patre says:

      Dear mother of Velankanni

      Mama Mary…my mother is suffering from vary serious condition as her health and her life is on your hand mama Mary…plz help to my mother to save her life…i want my mother with me for long time…plz mama Mary save my mother…ill come @ velankanni with my mother..

  2. arogyanath says:

    miracle place is velanganichurch.pry for our tadipatri parish members.

  3. vinod says:

    Oh god bless my sister and brother-in law,iam praising u oh lord pls make them leave happy,
    try to forget the things wht they have made,bless those family and child.
    Velankanni matha meeku maa samasya emito telusu,deeniki meere maaku okadari choopinchali.
    maa family nee adukonandi,maa bava manasu marchandi,….valla eedaru manchiga undetatu cheyandi……..meere e problem slove cheyali deva……..neenu tappakunda meedeegari vastanu deva e problem solve cheste………….daya chesi naa pradhana allakinchandi………

    • VINCENT PAUL A S says:

      Dear Bro, my family joins you in prayer. The good Lord will abundantly bless you and grant your prayers. The Lord is a merciful Lord. And His mother and our mother is loving kind and generous. Mother Mary will plead your cause. Praise the Lord

  4. Eugene says:

    Dear Mother of Velankanni,

    Please Mama Mary, earnestly request you to intercede your Son Lord Jesus that our daughter who has severed ties with us for the last 8 months. We advised her not to be involved with a man who is not having a good character also his house is a complete broken home. Also, he is a womaniser, our daughter is very innocent. My older sister had told us about the family; however now she/ her family and my younger brother are supporting my daughter, and advised her to snap ties with her parents. We are completely broken, and in anguish and pain. Hope our daughter, comes back as a prodical child. Mama Mary, I cover my daughter in the precious blood of Jesus and you will give her back to us as she is your grand-daughter. We are having sleepless nights and anxieties. Due to this my husband had 2nd major heart attack, despite this our daughter didnt bother to call him. We need your help Mama Mary.

    Yours in prayers,

    Your devoted daughter Eugene

    Your daughter

  5. Sunitha says:

    Amma velankinni mata nevu na inta elavelpu ga unnavu amma anagane paliki nnuakuna cercuknnvu. M atta pogau anachi avidni marana sai meda padukopetti naku kiran ki vimuktini kalaga chai. Ni japamala kuna sakti ni chupincu

  6. vilmarajkumar says:

    aarokkya thaye amma enghal veettil ellavitha paishachikam matti tharathukku annai thaye unnudan nan unnudan mandadukiren amen

  7. amma thaye en thambikkum en thankachikkum vazhkai kodu enru unnidam pichai kekkukinrem niravettum ammmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. ammmaaaaaa nan eettedutha ella karyamum enakku niravettithanghammaaa nan un sannithiyil vanthu ennal mudinjathu cheyven ammmaaa ennai kaividathey ammaaaa en amma ennai sothikkiren een amma ennainee kaivittayi een ammmaaaaaaaaa eeenn ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa een aammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa neeye en uyir thayi ennai nee kaividathey ammmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. amma aarokkya thaye en amma ennode unakku evalavo kopam eema evlym een amma eppadi avalukku nallathe kodum non estappadi enmel nadakkattum thaye ammmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. amma aarokya thayamma ennu ente aniyane nokkan varunnavar ee kallyanam nadakkanam amma ente shanikkum ente aldreenum jeevitha pankaliye theranju pidichu kodum thaye rameshukku puthiya combaniyil joli sheriyakki kodum thaye amma en amma en kanneer kanamattiya amma en en enamma en amma enkku thayum thanthayum ellam neeye amma unakku theriyume amma en amma ennai evalavo sodhikkuren een ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. amma thaye njan vanthu en pillakaleyum kane vaneyum pirinthu njan esrayelil erukkinjen en pillaikal thrishaveyum sandraveyum nalla kalviyum nalla njantheyum koduthu en husbentukku nalla aarokkyatheyum koduthu en veettil ellareyum kathu paripalikkavum unnai kenji kettu kollukiren thayeee ammmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. ave marya ammaaaa bindhu bijukku un athisayathe kattum amma oru noyum ellamal riselt entha vidha kuzhappamillamal un arputham katti tharumamma nin athisayam eppol entha neram avale thottu sugham kodum amma unakku mattum thanamma un sudhanukkum mattum kamikka mudiyumamma kenji pichai kettu kolkiren thaye antha kudumbathukku pichai kodum thaye tharumamma aaaaaaaaaa

  13. amma thaye en melulla ellavidha pashachikatheyum matti tharumammaaaa ennai neraka vazhinadathumamma oru theenkum en mel eekkamal nee than amma kappattavum thaye eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. amma thaye bindhuvum njanum thammilulla ellavidha edapadukalum ennu muthal yathoru vidha preshnavumillathe matti tharumamma unnai mattum nambi vazhum entha eezhaiyin mandrattai chevi chacharuluma ennai ella vidha theenkilirunthum kappattiyarulumamma neeyallamal enkku vere yarumillai amma ennai oru pothum kaividatheyum amma unnai nadi varum pillaikale oru pothum kaividave matteyamma ennaiyum kaividatheyumamma thaye

  15. binoy says:

    amme anikke gulfil nalloru job nee sathichutharename.ente koode eppozhum undakane mathave……

  16. amma aarokkyathayamma enthavidha prechnaen amma enna kathu kollumamma nan evalavo nalaka kettkiren rajiyudeyum aneeshinteyum en achammayudeyum visa adichu tharumamma en mel unakku kopamamma een amma ennai nee kaivittayi en mel erakkame elleya amma en ennai melum melum sothikkuirayithaye ena kku pichaitharumammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. Priyaashly says:

    Amma arokyamata please help me amma. My sister is going through such a difficult period. She lost her baby, due to doctor’s negligence. She dream t lot for that baby. Now she has totally changed. She is not doing rosary and not asking any wish for her. She never turn to any baby. Please mother help her to come out from this situation. Please give her fruitful Healthful baby. I want that before me she get conceived. Please amma shower your fruitful blessing on her and her husband. Please fulfill there loneliness.Grant them what they have lost. please give my old sister back to me. this i ask form my depth of heart please listen to my prayer. Amma you are also mother you can understand my sister pain . Please amma look to your child and bless her amma. We are like beggars in front of you. Please fill our empty basket with a healthy baby. I ask this in the name of the Jesus from you amma. Please give me amma.We your poor children asking with lot of hopes amma please listen to us and please give the needful.

  18. catherine nancy says:

    please helpme my mothermary I apply pharmedicalcourseapplication oh my motherwant join govermentmedicalcollege,and iwillmy family health

  19. Mani.s says:

    Nan thaai thandai illada oru anadai ,Amma en deivame nan ketta varangal ellavatraium alli thanda Annaiye vunn padangalai
    Ellavatriyum alli koduttha deivame thangal padangalai Thotutu vanangugiren Thaye. En magal thirumanatthai aseervadhikkum deivame unakku
    Nandri Thaye.
    Ammavai nambinor yarume kaividapada villai, ithai sathiyamaga koorugiren.

    Wish you happy birthday Amma.

  20. Mani.S says:

    Hi my name is mani. I am from KGF settled in Bangalore ,lost my parents when I was 3 years old, uncle took care of me he gave me education also
    Studied only SSLC, then I was separated from my uncles house ,joined hotel industry as a steward ,today I am working as a Group G emerald Manager
    For Solitaire Hospitality Services drawing very good salary .it is all because of my Mother Mary,I am a strong believer of mother she was behind me for all my success, have three kids gave good education,one in IBM, another daughter doing M E, Son is Working for M N C company, wife is working for Hospital,My family is blessed by my Mother,So have faith on her rest she will take care.She is everything for me.My daughter mariage
    Got fixed,what more I can expect she great .

    Wish you happy birthday in advance Amma.

    Mani.S – Bangalore

  21. joseph says:

    Pray for my wife vijaya my son vijosh vijay drvendran good helth pray my family

  22. thomasmathew says:

    Plsprayforme Iam in a financel prpblem

  23. Anna says:

    Oh holy mother
    I beg u to help Srikanth and family.
    Plz bless him so that he can buy a house for his parents and live happily as one.
    Plz help oh mother plz pray for them

  24. yoga says:

    Amma ave mariye engalukaga vendikollum

    • yoga says:

      Engal anbu thaaye arockiya annaiye en venduthal ennavendru neer arindhirippir.en ammavirkku neenda kaalamaga kan yerichal prachanai irukirathu.indha prachanaiyai neer pokkiyarulum thaaye.ummala mudiyathathu yethuvum illai thaaye.engagalukaga vendikollum annaiye..

  25. J A BENEDICT says:

    Dear Father,
    I humbly submit my kind request of prayers to our lady of health velankanni,to bless my child who had been suffering from severe hearing loss. she had to undergo ear implant , amma kindly heal your child, i am placing her at your feets. please take care of my child, give her the strength to bear this operation.

  26. sobha rani says:

    Mother Mary , please bless my younger sister and younger brother with good catholic life partners. Bless sunil and Tanuja with children.
    Ave Maria ….

  27. jessie says:

    Mother pls help on my weeding im having difficult time pls help me ma i want muumy to reborn bless my fmly too ma i beg ma

    • amme aarockya mathave ninne nambi vanthen ennai een een sodhanakku aalakkinayamma ella shathrukkalukkum ennai vittu koduthayi een enakku theerve ellaya amma een eennai sodhanakku aalakkinayyi enakku nan ninaitha naalla vela thannu ennai kappattumamma pichai tharumamma kenji ketkiren onnai parkkathukallavo nan vandhen een enakku sodhanai pichai tharumamma

  28. piedade says:

    Please mama Mary I pray to you that I want you to help me .For this 4 years my husband didn’t support me .is family say all sort of bad things about me when my husband not in the house .when I tell him about them what they are saying email only listen a to short time .Then he goes to ask them they tell him something else . My husband comes to me and says I need responsible for this . Even it’s not my fault. I mean fed upof this for this 5 years. We leave together with his sister in UK .He wasting money alcohol . I want him to leave drinking complete . I want a house I told him .He is saying that he doesn’t have money. He earns at least2500 pounds dndnt no what he is doing with the money. He tell all lies to me insisted on that he ask money from me he gives bad words as well ..Help me please I trust you I now that you will help me

  29. manju raju says:

    mother mary….. please bless us with a baby… we are mentally and physically disturbed so much… please bless us…. without god nothing is possible… thanks lord…

  30. asma says:

    velankanni matha boy whom i love so much comes back to me today and marry me i will come with him to visit you after our marriage this is my promise to you, please fulfill my wish today. i am very desparate about this, please grant my wish. thank you

  31. sandra says:

    Plz pray for my child as he is suffering from torticolis…plz

  32. joisy says:

    Pls pray for my son Andre to get control for his urinary and bowl movement and for his legs to be strong.

  33. Lokesh says:

    Dear Amma,
    Still my wife not come to me. As of now, she left from me for the 5 months and she filed the case in the Vellore court for divorce purpose against me. They filed the case as I don’t have proper semen count, and all gold in my home. Acutally all Gold are in their home only, but they filed the case like this. I have taken the Semen report now, its well and good, I have the report now.
    Kindly pray to rejoin my wife soon.

  34. amme ente manassilulla ella bhayavum matti ente kudumathil ella karyavum nalla murayil nadathi tharumamma ennai oru pothum kai vidatheyumamma aldreente preshanam shani ,rameshinte kallyana karyam njan visakku koduthirikkunna cash ente kuttikalude paditham ente saghotharude paditham matha pithakkaleyum enneyum ente kudumbatheyum ella vidhamana noyilirunthum aapathukalilirunthum njanghale rekshikkename ninne kanan ente nenju thudikkunnu ennai oru vidhathilum kaividatheyumamma

  35. I.ALBERT says:


  36. lourdes says:

    good health for my daughter mother sister Nathan ashton salvation for my husband financial aid to clear my husband debts and court case success.

  37. mamatha says:

    Maa am in trouble, cunning lady is behind me,tomorrow…am going to reveal her real colors to management……I need u r support……and blessings……save me from evils matha

    • mamatha says:

      Maaa…….I dont knw……..behind my back whts going on…I trust u…mother my HM…believes that cunning…..cruel lady very much……in future plz….make sure that our superiors do no trust her lies…and truthfull persons gets justice.shakti should never ever trouble me.even bobby also….joined her…..plz…god….save me from this evils….I need u r palm to protect me…….mother….I beg u……I need this job…..

  38. solomon says:

    I am Christian .l would like the live mass.

  39. anand says:

    thanks a lot ….god will lift up your service

  40. mamatha says:

    Maaa……I adore u…u r great, mother of love, comfort, blessings save me from bobby and shakti, they are behind for wrong reasons, maam should not support them in any ways any more, I need respectabble and peaceful job… should knw my potentials……plz maaaaaa….
    .save me…..and grany some good friends.which I long for always .

  41. mini says:

    amma enala yarukum nimathi illama iruku nan pora edam ellam enala kastapaduranga plz amma enaku nalla valiya kami nan valkaila santhosama iruka kiruba panu plz amma en kastaha ellam thithu vainga plzzzzzz amma……..nan enimale avathu yaraum kastapaduthama happy ya irukanum plz amma nan pora idam ellam magilchiya matum kodukkanum enaku help panunga amma

  42. mamatha says:

    Kind mother, testing periods are still on..letme get through base demo….save my 2 little kids from bad people….protect them…my elder kid should understand my desires in studies….and bless that mother who has sent her kids to help me….mother plz plz my 2 sem m.ed exams help me to get 73 percentage….maaaaa …… phd…..plz……help….I have none…..only u….I need u

  43. Vincent says:

    Dear Devoties please pray for my family along with your prayer

  44. kavitha says:

    Dear Mother mary please pray for me, u know my pain amma, my husband satish is thinking that i’ve cheated him in financial & helping my parents, but i’ve done any mistake ma, he is acting weird all the time & not paying the fees for kids & home, please maa pray for my kids, becos of this i’m not able to concentrate on my kids & its not at all a happy family.

  45. Sr. Mangalamary Amaladoss , st. Thomas. Matr. school, Avadi, Chennai-62. says:

    Thank you very much for broadcasting the feast of my mother – Annai velanganni Matha.

  46. raj says:

    amma maria please pray for us ,shower your abodent blessing touch my children with your healing hands.thanks for u for all that u do.bless my husband. your loving daughter.

  47. manisha says:

    praise the lord… I am from jabalpur m.p.
    I belong to a non-christian family but i belive in lord jesus.Please pray for me regarding my 2 major problems.
    1- I have been trying for a permanent government job & trying very hard for it,but all in vain. I dnt have a permanent government job till now.I am very depressed because i am working so hard to get a job. I request to you to pray for me to get a government job very soon.

    2- There os a boy in my life whose name is “PRANAY”.We like each-other & want to get marry.My family is agree for this marriage but his family is not ready due to some cast problem.He is very good boy & I know both of us will be very happy in future.I request to you to pray for us so that his family can get ready for our marriage.We realy want to marry each-other.I know no one is bigger than lord jesus & I have full faith on him…please pray for us…In the matchless name of lord jesus….I pray…AMEN…!!!

  48. plz amma help me my family cast problem valankanni madha help i am 8 years in back pain and full body pain amma 1 year back my job lift me plz amma pray for my family and good health for my mother sister and brother madha plz amma spinel broblem and pain relif me velankani madha and i regeaind the jop amma plz help me pray for my family and me

  49. velankani madha i need jop plz help me amma i wating for phone cell my jop pray for me soon i jop help me

  50. sweety says:

    pray for me enaku entha problem illam marriage nadakanum

  51. Fernandez says:

    Mary Matha pray for my son SUBRAMANI

  52. vg says:

    I want Mary to get ANZ bank job, I am desperately in need of a job right now. if I get definitely I will come to your church

  53. sujith says:

    velankanni matha bless my daughter and my wife.pls make my dream happen .pls help my paralyzed brother and bless my mother sisters family ……. amen

  54. velankanni amma thaye njan ninathe karyamellam ethoru vidha kuravumillamal nadathi tharumamma ella vidha thadassamum matti tharum ammaaaaaaaaaaa

  55. Dear father is suffering with witchcrafts..and the lady who had done black magic to my dad want his death..she did for his heart to get heart attack and kill him..please amma pray or my dad,he should get deliverance from them..pray his health should be stable..and bring back his energy

  56. job says:

    lovely mother am a student of naval arechitecture am a first year student i don’t to draw a single cubix perfectly almost every one says its a rare course so you will get a good job and my mummy so belives me i can’t break her belives so please tell your son show me a right way and give me your blessings and wisdom
    l loves you maa more than my mummy.

  57. job says:

    dear ones; plzz share mircles happens in your life due blessings our lovely mother mary so the world can understand the great power of our mother

  58. thaye amma en reksha un kayyil unnistam ethuvo nadathum plz keep u my job plz

  59. Arokiyadass says:

    dass fathima…24,12,2014. 11,6pm…ammaa yengalliedm onnum illai ammaaa yenakku jop malta belasing ammaaaa franklin. framila.jestin. nalla padikkanu ammaa yen fathima Achirvadium amma yen pavangkalai manniym ammaaaaaaaaa Reply

  60. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary Iam glad to say that you have helpled me in diffcult day and times but you have not saved my mother on 26th April 2014 but my mother passed away from us

    Once again I thank you mother mary

  61. John Magesh says:

    Mother mary pl give me peace of mind to my brother who have so love with you mother mary but today he is not in good pl give strength and peace of mind to him we will come to your place in the month of June 2015 with all our family members

    Thank you Mother Mary

  62. joji2016 says:

    Amma give good character and good thoughts .

  63. John Magesh says:

    Give me peace of mind to my brother John Magesh V J because now days he will not talk to my mother father and other family members so mother mary give him peace of mind

  64. John Magesh says:

    Mother mary pl give me peace of mind to my brother V J John Magesh may mother bless him with good health happy life

  65. charles says:


  66. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give John Magesh good health and peace of mind for him ask him to live a good happy life may our mother mary bless him with peace of mind

  67. v.joseph says:

    mathave naan ninaithulla amaithiyana vaalkai amaya neengalthan enakku uthava ummidam vendukiren

  68. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give good Health & Peace of mind to John Magesh we have to visit you place in the month of June 2015
    once again Thank You Mother Mary but you have taken away our Mother from us

  69. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary why you have taken our Mother from us why still now we do not have answer for this

  70. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give me strength & will power to my brother John Magesh V J

  71. mercy says:

    Amma Arokia Thai bless my family I and my husband we are married for 8 years but we are not blessed with children we have underwent many hospitals, doctors treatment but i have trust in you amma that you will bless me abundantly.

    I have my sister who is going to get married on May 20th-2015 bless her keep her marriage life very happy.

    My another is suffering from severe headache and she is very sick bless her amma she is need of your blessing for her health.

    My brother has completed his studies and he is trying for an international job amma please bless him as he is very much in depression.

    Amma bless my husband heal him with your power and bless my mother who has suffering from my father torture from past 35 years she has never had any happiness bless her as she is a great asset for all us in our family.

    Amma your will fulfill all our needs please bless amma.

  72. edward says:

    ente ethrayum kanivulla maathave ente ella kadabaadhyathagalininnum enne karakayattaname ente bussiness nalla reethiyil nadathikondu poguvan enne sahayikkaname

  73. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give the strength to my brother will power and peace of mind to John Magesh my sister Veronica Vimla Rani & Barbara Shella and good health to my Mother Susheela

  74. mrudula says:

    my father has been suffering from witchcrafts since 9 months.a lambadi lady did blackmagic for 3 times to kill him by any means..amma pls give ur deliverence to my dad and save his life..protect him from all evil power

  75. sharmi says:

    amma good health for my husband

  76. prakash j k says:

    Ho mama mary my father missing from 1st june 2015 please mama mary please make him to return back to home and give him memory power to get the right way to reach the house ho mother mary pls send the angels to protect my father and show the way of there house i beg u mama mary dont leave your child hand mama mary listen my humble prayer

  77. mother mary plz pray for my dad mom and sis we have lots of problem so pram for me lord

  78. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother mary give strength & power to my brother V J John Magesh please ask him to normal life which he has been give him strength mother mary

  79. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary my sister V J Veronica Vimla Rani from fever & nee pain mother mary we have come to your place on 8th June 2015 before one month our sister was suffering this pain V J Barbara Shella also suffering from the same & my Aunty also suffering from the same one mother I have faith in you mother so all 3 of them will cured from the dieases once again I request My Mother Mary to give strength and power to all them mother.

  80. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary you heard my prayer but my sister Veronica Vimla Rani she is cured only 40% I have faith in you my Mother Mary she will be cured today itself my bless my sister amma Mother Mary.

  81. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary my sister V J Barbara Shella suffering from fever with server knee pain & hib pain pl Mother Mary bless her with good health and cure the diease s for her Mother Mary.

  82. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary you heard my prayer my both sisters are cured from the fever Mother Mary but my sister V J Veronica Vimla Rani she is having knee pain pl cure the same Mother Mary.

  83. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary Thank you very much amma Mother Mary you have heared my prayers both of my sisters are cured from their fever Mother Mary amma you have given me all the things but you have taken away my Mother amma from us you have done so many good things in my life Mother Mary but you have not saved my Mother Mary amma but their is so much pain in the life but we have go on I once again I Thank You Mother Mary which you have done through out in my life Mother Mary.

  84. Ms June Michael says:

    I am from Secunderabad, State of Telangana. Suggestion to have English mass on one of the channels on TV for the benefit of those who do not understand Tamil.

    • Jesus - My Great Master says:

      From Velankanni daily live mass in Telugu (8AM) , English (10AM) & Hindi(11AM) is there. I hope the schedule will be helpful you . God Bless you ands your family.

  85. vilmaraj says:

    Amme thaye

  86. vilmaraj says:

    Amma aarokya thaye unnai nambinonkalai nee kaivida matten en amma en visa problem enakku matti tharale enkal combany nalla padi nadathi tharumamma enghal kuzhanthaikal nalla udan nalathodu erukkavum enghalukku oru vachu tharathukkum nan unnidam manradukinren thayenan ketta karyam nee nadathi thanthathukku enakku nerittu vanthu nanri chollathukkum vazhi orukkum oru leave urukku varathukkum unnai pakkanam amma nee enghe va amma en kavalayil vaaaa

  87. vilmaraj says:

    Amme en thambi pondattyum en thankeyum nira pathramaka erukkangha enthavidha chikkalum ellamal sugha presavathe tharumamma en thambi rameshukku kallyanam panni kodumamma en thambingha en thankaikal rahul .lali.lijo.thisha.sandra.en kanaivan .en thay thanthai nan entha lokam muzhuvanum ella makkslukkum udal nalatheyum ella vidha kastanghaleyum matti kofum thaye un israel dhedhathu ninnu kondu unnodu mandradukiren amma kaividatheyum thaye ennai ethu varelum kondu vittathukkake nandri amma nan eppadi nanji cholven enru enakku theriyathu enakku ninnai pakkanam enkku visa adichu kidathal udane leavukku vanthu unghalai pakkanamamma dhaya chey thayeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeee amma un karunai ulakamenhhum jwalikkanamamma

  88. vilmaraj says:

    En visa adichu tharumamma josukku nalla manasse kodum thaye nan kodutha ella biodetavumm unkku thiruvila mudiyum munnai cheythu tharumamma plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pichaya ketkiren

  89. Teena Lloyd Crasto says:

    Mamma Velankanni ,I keep my prayer and request of gift of child and financial blessing upon me and my husband keep my family under protection and peace.

  90. Thomas Kurian says:

    Our Mother Mary please pray for me to fullfill my nercha at Vailakanni Church.

  91. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary get good Marriage proposal to my brother V J John Magesh pray for him mother

  92. Harry Joseph says:

    Dear Mother Mary give good Marriage proposal to me brother V J John Magesh Mother Mary once again I request you to give good proposal.

  93. jesu says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Please pray for my wife to recover quick who has undergone uterus operation today. Also pray for unity of my family members
    Than you

  94. June Michael says:

    The mass is good to watch, but unfortunately the volume is low. Please ensure that the volume is increased.

  95. Harry Joseph says:

    My dear Mother Mary please give good thouts to my brother V J John Magesh my Mother Mary & give him good marriage proposal Mother Mary Ave Maria Maria valagha

  96. owen vanderputt says:

    holy mother please pray for my wife who is going for test for lung problems and also emphasema,so bless her when she goes to the doctor for checkup and make the cancer disappear. Pray she will be cured immediately by your grace and heavenly prayers. O bless mother this I pray and I will be visiting your church and donate towards your church.Pray for both of us.Thank you.Praise be your name.

  97. owen says:

    O holy mother Mary please pray for the unity of my family especially the children. Thanking you blessed mother.

  98. gordon says:

    pray for my wife, sons and my self heal us from all diseases

  99. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary bless my brother V J John Magesh with good marriage proposal to him. Mother Mary give me peace of mind to our all family members their is no peace in the house Mother Mary bless all of us Amma Mariya once I request you Mother Mary Bless all of them who ever pray to you Mother Mary.

  100. Karuna Moorthy says:

    Amma vulagin thaaye, Kaanavur thirumanathin bodhu iraivan vazhiyaga adisayathai purinrindha annaiye, yen kudumbathilum kadan thollaigal theeravum, nimmadhi perugavum, Naan velinaadu sendru nandraga velai seidu yen kudmbathai mattum allamal kasta padugira kudumbangalin nilaimai vuyartha annaiye yengalukkaga adisayathai thaarum annaiye. Ide pondru nambikkaiyodu thangal jebathai anuppi irukkum ovvoruvarukkum arul puriyum annaiye

  101. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary bless Ms.Premella son because he is not feeling well Mother Mary give his son with good health & peace of mind to her Mother Mary once again I request you to bless Premella.

  102. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary Alphnous is gone missing from past 4 days Mother Mary please kindly send him to his house since her sister is no feeling well so please give him good mind and send him to his house because your the Mother to all of us Ave Maria Maria

  103. vilmarajkumar says:

    amma thaye enakku eppadiyavathu visa adichu nee tharanam aarumillamma nee mattum ennai kaividatheyumamma thaye

  104. vilmarajkumar says:

    amme ente ponnu thaye un israel dheshathu ennai kondu aakkinaye nee enghe en nee yennai kaivittai unakku enmel karunai ellaya amma en ennai kalangha vakken oru pillai thayikitta kannirode kenji azhukinren en kannir unakku kanavillaiya atho kandum kanamal erukkaya en kannirikku vilaiyillaya enakku kandippa visa adichu nee tharanam nan unnaithan nambiyirikken unnai kenji kettukiren tha amma tha ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oru shathrukal munpilum ennai thalai kuniye vakkathe amma nan un patham muttal ezhanju varumvenamma ennai kaividatheyum amma amma amma

  105. Tina Harry Anthony says:

    Madhave thanks for healing for my father from addiction

  106. Angel says:

    Arokia thayeh,You took my husband on your feast.I accept.that.Still I and my are struggling with problems.How long must we have to bear?I beg you to recommend your son Jesus to bless us

  107. joseph says:

    josep- amma thaye enn family ela erum yallaru nalla erunkanum neegatha yen family kapathungo.ave marya

  108. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give good Marriage Proposal to my brother V J John Magesh Mother Mary bless him with good peace of mind and good health thank you Mother Mary

  109. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give good Marriage Proposal to my brother V J John Magesh and bless him with good habits and peace of mind to my brother thank you Mother Maruy

  110. medikonda.ajaykumar says:

    amma pray for my family and give me good health plz relief all family problem & my health was very struggle amma pray for me relief pancreatic problem amma bless him good habits and my daughters good studies amma na kosam pray cheyums talli amen.

  111. joseph says:

    josep-amma matha thai yen family problem please pray
    Ave Maria Maria

  112. Medikonda. Ajaykumar,tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ma kutumbam kosam pray cheyumu thalli naloni unna aneka bhadalanu toliginchi nenu mimmulanu prathinithyam talancukune bhagyanni prasadinchamani amma na body loni rogalanni mee amrutha hastalato thatti praripurnamaina arogyanni prasadinchumu thalli ma biddala veehnanjali & sweety la studies lo meeru thoduga undandi na wife raja kumari arogya vishyam lo meeru thoduga undandi ma amma sarojini arogyam ga unchandi maa annayalu akka chelli bhavalu vaari pillalu ma annyalu pillalanu gurthuunchukuni ma family motham nirantharam me pradhanalo unde bhagyanni kaliginchamani ma village prasanthamga undetattu chudamani mariyoka sari ma pillalanu ma wife na arogyanni manchi nirmalamaina manusunu prasadinchamani pray for my famnily amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  113. Medikonda Ajaykumar,tummapudi post,duggirala Mandal,guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma ave mariya talli ippativaraku me amrutha hastalato mammulanu kaapadinanduku mu kruthagnathalu amma na arogya vishyamlo nannu me pradhana dwara na kadupuloni bhadanu tolaginchi naku manchi arogyanni prasadinchu talli,yessayya nannu nakutubanni,na pillalu veehnanjali & sweety lanu deevinchandi vaari studieslo meeru todugaundandi,mee sevaku upaginchukondi naa bharya raja kumari ni deevinchandi amma mariya talli rajakumari arogyam sakkaga undi mee pradhana dwara manchi arogyanni ivvandi maa ammaanu deevinchandi maa athayya nu ma bhavamaridi ni deevinchandi varu talanchina pani vishayam lo meeru toduga undi pani twaraga ayyebhagyanni kaliginchi mee dharchinchu kune bhagyanni kaliginchamani mariyoka saari ma kutumbanni deevinchu talli, amma mariya talli naa arogyanni mariyoka sari gurthutechukomani pradinchu chunnam talli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mariya talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  114. Medikonda says:

    amma mariya talli makutumbanni deevinchandi na sariramloni anni bhagalu sakkaga undetattu chudamani, nakunna pancriatic problem rakunda kapadamani danivala vatche diabetic ane danni naa dari cheranivvakunda kapadamani naa pillalu veehnanjali& sweety lanu kapadi vari studies lo meeru thoduga undamani naa wife rajakumari arogyam bagundala yesayya perita pradhinchu talli amen.ammaaaaaaaa talliii mammulanu kapadume ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  115. M.Vanaja ratna kumari,mahanadu 15th lane ,Tadepalli mandal,Guntur Dist,522501 says:

    amma mariya talli M v r kumari naa arogyam sakkaga undetattu chudumu talli ma kutumbanni deevinchamani, maa family problems solve chechi na marriage sakkaga jarigetattu chudamani ma maa nann annyyala manasu sakkaga undetattu chudamani mariyoka sari nannu gurthupettukomani ma prabhu vaina yeasayya perita pradinchumu talii amen. amma na marriage manchiga etuvanti atankalau lekunda jaragali nannu naa arogyanni kapadamani naa anni panulalo meeru thoduga undalani naanu deevinchamani na prabhuvaina yesayya perita pradhinchumu talli amen. ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ammmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  116. Medikonda Ajay kumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam guntur dist,522330 says:

    amma mariya talli ma kutumbanni deevinchandi na arogya vishyamlo meeru thoduga undi pancriatic problem lekunda chudamani na pillla veehnanjali & sweety la studies lo meeru mundu undi nadipinchamani na wife rajakumari arogyaanni kapadamani maa kutumbam mothanni kapadamani na prabhu vaina yeasayya perita pradinchumu talli amen . ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ta lliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  117. Medikonda Ajay kumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam guntur dist,522330 says:

    amma talli my name m v r kumari amma na problems nunchi nannu kapadumu naa arogyma vishyam lo meeru thodu undi nannu kapadamani naa marriage vishayam lo meeru thodu undi etuvanti atankalu lekunda nadipinchamani ma kutumbam lo etuvanti satanu shodanalu lekunda amma nanna annyalanu deevinchamani mariyoka sari na maiirage vishayam lo meeru thodu undi nadipinchamani yesayya perita pradhinchumu talli mamen ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,talliaaaaaaaaaaaa deevinchumu ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  118. Medikonda Ajay kumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam guntur dist,522330 says:

    amma my fried m v r kumari arogyma sakka undalani marriage vishyam lo meeru thoduga undalani pradhnchumu talli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliaaaaaaaaaa

  119. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist 522330 says:

    amma mariya talli prya for my family all good health and good beheavier my health problems solve good condition, my daughters veehnanjali & sweety goo studies help her my wife raja kumari probles solve amma talli maa koraku mana prabhu vaina yesaiiah perita pradhinchumu talii amen.ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  120. M.Vanaja Ratna Kumari,Mahanadu 15th lane Tadepalli Guntur 522501 says:

    amma mariya talli my name is vanaja Ratna Kumari solve my family probles give me good conditions and help my marriage mammulanu deevinchumu talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii amma makoraku pradhinchumu talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amen.

  121. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma mariya tallii pray for my family all members good health and my health condition manchiga unchi naloni anni manchiga jarigetattu chudamani,ma pillalu veehnanjali & sweety lanu deevinchamani wife raja kumari amm sarojini arogyma manchiga undalani yesayya perita pradhincuchunnam talli amen.ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  122. M V R Kumari,mahanadu 15th lane,tadepalli,Guntur Dist,522501 says:

    amma my name vanaja ratna kumari pray for all my mfamily member naa mariiage vishyamlo meeru toduga undi etuvanti atankalu lekunda jarigetattu chudamanai ma prabhu vaina yesayya perita pradhinvhu chunnam talli amen.

  123. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma maraya talli meeku vandanamulu pray for my family give me good health give help my daughters veehnanjali & sweety la studies pray for my wife & mother ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa strotham strotham talliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  124. m v r kumari says:

    amma talli give me good health pray for my family help me my marriage vishyamlo thoduga undandi mammulanu deevinchamani pradhinchuchunnam talli amen

  125. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala mandal,Guntur Dist,522501 says:

    amma velanakani matha pray for my family please give me good health help my daughters vehnanjali & sweety;s studies pray for my all family member ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiamen.

  126. M.V.R.Kumari,Mhanadu,Tadepalli,guntur Dist522501 says:

    amma velankani matha my name is M V R Kumari fray for my family give mee good health help me my job & my marrage proposel ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amen.

  127. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma mariya talli pray for my family give me good health please help my daughters studies & my wife health problem rectifye cheyamani mana prabhu vaina yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam tallli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  128. Medikonda Ajaykumar,tummapudi post Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma maryia matha pray for my family pray for my health problem give me good health my wife health problem pi pray cheyandi ammma ayyaaaaaaa yesayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa give me good helath amen

  129. M V R Kumari,Mahanadu,Tadepalli,Guntur dist,522501 says:

    amma mariya talli pray for my family give me good health plase help my marriage proposal with out any problems ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tallillllll

  130. edikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam,guntur Dist,522501 says:

    amma mariya matha prabhuva pray for my family give me good health and also give help my wife headache my daughters studies lo meeru thoduga undi nadipinchamani ma prabhu vaina yesayya perita pradhinchunnam talli amen.ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeasayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  131. M V R Kumari,mahanadu,TadepalliGuntur Dist,522501 says:

    amma mariyamatha my name m v r kumari maam give me good health condition and pray for me please help my marriage proposal ammma tallia amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  132. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntu Dist,522330 says:

    amma mariya matha pray for my family give me good health condition please help my daughters veehnanjali & sweety studies and helath my wife rajakumari health pi pray cheyandi amen amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  133. amma mariya talli pray for my family give me good health and help my wife health my daughters studies lo meeru thoduga undi pradhinchamani ma prabhuvainda yeassaya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amen.ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  134. Medikonda Ajaykumar,,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,guntur dist,522330 says:

    amma mariya talli pray for my family give me good health and my wife and my mother,please help my daughter studies amma mariya talli yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amemn.

  135. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma talli mariya talli pray for my family amma give me good health condition and also my wife health my mother health talli amen.ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  136. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give good marriage proposal to my brother V J John Magesh and good thougts to my father he earns good money but he will not give to home and enjoy the life has he did not any family so Mother Mary give him good thougts to him Mother Mary

  137. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    Mother mary matha fray for my family give me good health and my daughters studies lo meeru thoduga undandi and give my wife good health and also my mother ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa na duty vishyam lo meeru thoduga undandi chiraku lekunda chudumu talli amen amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  138. dhana sampath says:

    dhana sampath
    amma mathave en mela konjum karunai katungal…..please madhave anoda kalyanam nalpadiya nadakanum ennaikum un pillai na vai tha nambikaiyai kapari kodunkal madhave an mela erakamayerum…

  139. Medikonda Ajay kuamr,Tummapudi Post,Duggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    mother mary matha pray for my family and give me good health and also my wife my daughters studies lo meeru thoduga undi meeru mundu undi nadipinchamani ma prabhuvaina yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amen. ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  140. Medikonda Ajaykuamr,Tummapudi Post,Duggirala Mandal,guntur Dist,522330 says:

    o mother mary matha pray for my family give me good health and good memory cheeraku lekunda naa duty vishyam lo meeru thoduga undandi amm mariya matha mee kumarudaina yesyya perita my daughters studies lo mee help ga undandi my wife health vishyam lo meeru thoduga undandi amma ma koraku prandhinchandi thalli amen amaaamaaaaa…………………..

  141. selvakumar says:

    i love my mary matha nan en uravinar nanparkal valakaiyil ennudan payanam seyyum anaivarukkum santhosamum nimmathium manathilana unmayana anbum koduppatharkku undana anaithu sakthium enakku thankal aasirvathikka vendukiren nan avarkal santhosathai parthu nanum mana nimmathi adaya vendukiren athe pol enakku varapora valkai thunaium unmayana manthum anbum kondavalagavum nan avalai aval ennai mulumaiyaga nesippavarkalagavum nangal anaivarum ungalai nesikka vallavargalagavum irukka aasaipadugiren mathave…………………………………………………………………

  142. selvakumar mtk says:

    en anbukku uruvamana mathave thannodu payanikkum anaithu jeevankalum udalalum, manathalum, arivalum vallavargalagavum valkaiyai unmayana anpalum matravarkalukku manathalum avarkalukku undana anaithu kuraikalaium theerthu anaivarum manathal thevaikal anaithum pothum ena karuthi mulu mana anbal konda valkai payanathu thodarnthu piragu avarai ennai thodarnthu varupavarkalukkum thankal aasirvathikka ungal anbinai peruvatharku udayavarkalaga irukka vendukiren mathave……..nan santhikkum anaivarum evvalvu manathil kuraikal pavangal kopangal ketta ennangal iruppavarkalaga irunthalum avarkalai unglathu anpilal aana than parvayal avrkal manathal nalla ullam kondavarkalaga valkaiyai unarnthu anaivarukkum kodukkum nimmathi matrum anbal aanathu than valkai ena unarumpadi seyya vendukiren mathave…………………..nal ullangalai aasirvathithu avatrin moolamaga pala ullagalukku nimmathiyai petru thara vendukiren mathave…………………………

  143. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala mandalam guntur dist,522330 says:

    o mother mary matha pray for my family and give me good health and aslo my wife health and my daughters studies lo meeru thoduga undalani pradhinchuchunnam talli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  144. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Diggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist,522330 says:


  145. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary give good health and peace of mind to my Mother and My sisters and brother and to my fathers and my aunt give all of them of peace of mind My Dear Mother Mary I thank you Mother Mary what you given to our family members Ave Maria & Maria valugha Mother Mary Thank you Mother Mary.

  146. Francis says:

    Dear Mother, the most I believe in the earth, I pray for my family and my daughter is looking for suitable job, so many good things you have done for us amma, pls help her to get one good job for her.
    I will bring her and come and offer you thanks giving.
    Mother mary pray for us.

  147. Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma o mariya matha pray for my family amma give me good health and also my wife amma my daughters health problems nunchi meeru kapadandi talli my daughters studies lo meeru mundu undi nadipinchamani naa prabhuvain yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my daughter sweety health problems nunchi meeru kapadandi talli amen.talliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  148. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    amma mariya matha pray for my family and give me good helath and also my wife and daughters veehnanjali & sweety amma naloni headache nunchi nannu release chei thalli my daughter sweety helath lo meeru thoduga undandi amma mydaughters veehnanjali & sweety studies lo meeru thoduga undi mammulanu deevinchamani memu talapettina work vishyam lo meeru munduundi nadipinchamani maa prabhuvaina yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • harshin says:

      Mary amma, please i am going through a very difficult time. Please could you solve my problem and fulfill my wishes and make me relieve from the problems which I face. I am expecting a positive reply from one person but still i didnt get!! I submit my prayers at your feet please show your blessing shower on me and my family… If i get success i will become your true and ever loving follower!!

  149. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    o mother mary matha pray for my maily and give me good health and also my wife and my mother all my family memebrs my daughters veehnanjali & sweety studies lo meeru thoduga undalani andari arogyma baga undalani maa prabhuvaina yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amen ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  150. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandalam,Guntur Dist,522330 says:

    o mother mary matha pray my all family member and give me good health amma my daughters veehnanjali & Sweety helath & studies vishyamlo meeru thoduga undalani memu talanchina talampulanu a vidayamaina atankalu lekunda neraverchmani maa prabhuvaina yesayya perita pradhinchuchunnam talli amen amma ma manavulanu mana prabhuvaina yesunamamuna pradhinchuchunnam talli ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa talliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  151. Medikonda.Ajaykumar ,tummapudi, post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur Dist,5223300 says:

    O mother mary o my jesus pray for my family and give me good health and aslo my family my daughters veehnanjali & Sweety helath and studies lo meeru thoduga undandi amen ammmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  152. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary Amma Give Good Health & Peace of mind to my mother and to all our family members Mother Mary you have helped in many ways Mother Mary I thank you Mother Mary amma

  153. vilmaraj says:

    Amme thaye nee vaa vanthuthan pattum ennai ottakku aakkatheyamma unnai than nambukiren vaa aamma enne karyam nadathitha aammmmmmmmmaaàaaaaaaaa

  154. sr.kulandai says:

    tamil way of the cross need

  155. Arun says:

    Dear Mother Mary, Please pray for my son Kenneth. He is writing his exams and is not able to prepare well for his exams. He has already written few subjects. Please pray that he pass in all the subjects Mother Mary…..Ave Maria. Amen.

  156. Jane.I says:

    Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my brother Dany. Make him clear all the papers. Be with him and guide him always.Bless him with a great, healthy and happy future.Bless my Appa and Amma and keep them healthy and happy always.

  157. Medikonda Ajaykumar,tummapudi post,duggirala mandalam,guntur dist,522330 says:

    O mother Mary matha maa koraku pradhinchu talli na lo unna Pancriation ni clean chechi manchi arogyanni daya cheyandi amma nenu talanchina shops vishyamlo meeru thoduga undandi etuvanti aatankaku lekunda manchiga running ayyetattu chuduvtalli prabhuva ma pillalu veehnanjali, sweety lanu deevinchandi vari studieslo meeru thoduga undandi na wife rajakumari arogyam lo meeru thoduga undandi etuvanti aatankaku lekunda ma panulanu sakkaparachamani maa prabhuvaina yesayya perita peach in church in nam talli amen amaa mariyamathatallllliiiiii ammaaaaaaaaai

  158. joseph says:

    amma veilankanni thaye enku nalle velakedaikanum enakkaga vendikollum en fiend parthiban ku nalla companyla vela kedaikanum andavare

  159. Sarina says:

    plz pray for my husband,my mother and my brother good health.

  160. Harry Joseph says:


  161. thimoth nick says:


  162. Ronald shah says:

    My beloved Mother Mary please pray for my son Matthew Shah for his quick recovery

  163. joseph says:

    amma anku nalla job koduinga.

  164. SAREENA says:

    our lady of good health vailankanni i pray to u with lots of faith and hope for my husband who is not keeping in good health heal him mother mary from all diseases and grant him good health as u are our lady of good health and who will not be able to see ur children suffer please grant me the favour mother mary and answer my prays.OUR LADY OF GOOD HEALTH VAILANKANNI PRAY FOR US.

  165. Harry Joseph says:


  166. Bharath kumar says:

    Our lovingly father thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity for me to pray , god see that all my debts will be cleared, i should come out of this financial crisis and there should be a job security for me. i believe in you god my heavenly father.U r the only son who will save us and help us to overcome from all this problem.God save us , guide us and lead us. amen

  167. Reeba says:

    Mother Mary bless our family.Through your intercession help my husband find a job and a good alliance for my sister. Help us clear our loans.Pray for us holy mother.

  168. Ronald shah says:

    My beloved mother of valankeni pray for my son Matthew Shah who is getting away from our hands who is parting away from all church acitivacty

  169. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur dist,522330 says:

    O Mother mary matha plz help my health and also my wife and daughters veehnanjali & sweety’s studies lo meeru thoduga undandi,o mother maa busines lo meeru sahayapadandi thalli amen

  170. Amma en easuvai petra thaye Many more happy returns of the day my mother velainagaril kudikonda engal arokiya thaye ummai porigirom ummai vanangihirom

  171. அன்னையே, எங்கள் குடும்பங்களை ஆசீா்வதியும் .அம்மா, இதுவரை செய்த எல்லா நன்மைகளுக்கும் நன்றி. என்தம்பியின் பெயா் டிலோரஸ் ஐுட் 7வருஷமாக வேலையில்லாமலும், எழுதும் தோ்வில் வெற்றிபெற முடியாமல் இருக்கும் நிலைமாறிட தாழ்பணிந்து வேண்டுகிறேன். உமது கருணையை எங்கள் மீதுபொழிந்தருளும்.

  172. arbask1952c.a.baskaran. says:

    Holy mother pray for Madonna.B to get suitable job in India or abroad. Please pray for the house in Ernakulam dt to be sold for good price and all our debts be cleared. In Christ Jesus Christ we ask. Amen.

  173. Harry Joseph says:


  174. Sarina ferns says:

    MOTHER MARY give my husband good health cure all his diseases and shower all ur choicest blessings on him and keep ur powerful hand always on him.please answer my prayers mama mary,OUR LADY OF GOOD HEALTH VAILANKANNI PRAY FOR US.I TRUST IN U.

  175. suresh says:

    Hi my name is Suresh. I am from in Salem ,I am working as a MNC is all because of my Mother Mary and Infant Jesus,I am a strong believer of mother she was behind me for all my success,
    I am searching god believe bride for my life Still it is not get in to my life. Please keep your powerful hand always on me….Mother Mary Pray for US..I Trust in you.

  176. siby joy says:

    oh my mother mary,please request to your our lord jesus christ for getting the expected result in oet examination which will be published today…siby

    • siby joy says:

      Thank you my blessed virgin mother mary for requesting your son our lord jesus christ for giving me the expected result.I got the expected result with god’s grace.Thank you jesus, thank you mother mary…by your loved daughter siby

  177. siby joy says:

    oh my mother mary,please request to your son our lord jesus christ to not to have any holes in the heart of my friend’s son(6months old) which was suspected by the doctor during todays consultation and i also praying you to please bless my sister to have one child.

  178. sureshcrescent says:

    don’t worry about it..jesus will cure everything…please believe it will be cure….

  179. anton says:

    Mother pray for our family.

  180. Medikonda Ajaykumar,Tummapudi post,Duggirala Mandal,Guntur dist,522330 says:

    o mother mary matha pray my family give me good health in my family give me good studies & good daiva prema kaliginchandi,increse my business.please help me my health thank u jesus

    • Florence Amarille says:

      It was by accident that i found Our Lady of Good Health – Vailankanni Matha while I was browsing the internet…I was in search for someone with whom I could pray because of my heath condition…few months ago I was diagnosed with lung carcinoma…..being a devoted Catholic from the Philippines…I had to have prayers as my greatest weapon….and so I searched and searched and searched….although I pray to all whom we pray for in my country….but Vailankanni Matha – Our Lady of Good Health wakes me up for me to pray her pilgrims novena..which i got from the internet as well….To everyone…please help me in my prayers that I get continued healing…..thank you…


        Praise the Lord. In the right time God has shown you the right site for prayers. Mother Mary of Shrine Velankanni will never leave you alone. Your prayers to mother will not go wasted. In Lord Jesus Christ I pray for your health and blessings through the intercession of Mother Mary. Amen

        • Florence Amarille says:

          Thank you…and I hope some day I could visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health..Please continue including me in your prayers..

  181. anton says:

    o mother mary pray for us specially my son” work en his further studies, good health fof my wife and my Jop


    Thank you Florence Amarille. May God bless you abundantly through the mercy of Mother Mary. Sure I am praying for your dear. Pray for me too. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  183. s. sagar rajesh says:

    Mary our Mother please pray for us. bless my mother with good health. and be with my brother and guide him

  184. Chithra stalin says:

    Mathave please bless my family, our business & financial crisis

  185. biju jose v says:

    Dear mother mary please intercede for my reinstatment in job and peaceful end to all problems

  186. Annammal says:

    dear mother mary im helpless right now. kindly provide your grace to clear my set with this year itself.. becuse i would like to continue me service without the fail mary madha.. i wantedmy ponnu appa back to me like before ever .

  187. Harry Joseph says:

    Mother Mary I Thank You Mother Mary We have come to your place on in the Month of May 2017 we stayed for the Ten days we have had peace of Mind. Mother Mary my Mother is suffering from Knee pain kindly cure the same Mother Mary I have faith in you Mother Mary that the Knee pain will be vanished.

  188. Annammal says:

    jesus my lord have mercy on me jesus.. i wanted to lead my life peacefully without any problem in my life till i die.. bless me mother mary with all your graces ..pour out your spirit.

  189. Binu Zachariah says:

    Pls pray i have to get a good job in coming days near to our area in abu dhabi.Mother mary help me in this difficult situation. 2 year onwards searching job…no any responce.

  190. Sonia his sister says:

    Please pray for my brother steven who has left his wife and 2 children. And have left the house and staying with another woman who has 2 big children. He is in love with that woman and has filed case of divorce for his wife. I want that he may leave that woman and come back to his wife,children,and mother.he may live happily like before. Please mother Mary pray that their divorce may also be cancelled.

  191. ezfzf says:

    ammmmmmmmma velankanni thaye thaye

  192. Velangini Kumari says:

    please pray for my mother Vonkara Mary Pushpalatha who is suffering from paralasis attack. Her left hand and left leg paralys partially. I have confidence on almighty God and Mother mary will definitely help with prayer. Mother mary give good health to my mother. Mother mary pray for my family.

  193. Ronald SHAH says:

    O beloved Mother i have been deceted by an HIV sickness i wouid pray to you from my deepest heart to help me from my recovery

  194. L.Marina says:

    please pray for my family members and me and my husband are planning for a baby but nothing is happening let me get a miracle saying that Ur pregnant and i should be blessed with a baby child. and also my sister must get a good life partner.

  195. Shaiju.Cheekku.Tcr Mathilakam.Kerala says:

    Praise the Lord.Mother Mary please pray for us.Bless Martin and Shaiju family our business

  196. Pat says:

    Mother Mary of Velankanni, please heal and cure my mother who is in hospital (London,Uk) at the moment who suffers from kidney problem and confusion.Please make all the patients on my mum ward and my mother better,please.

    Promise to visit your shrine Mother Mary of Velankannia on Pilgrimage if my mother is healed.

    Thank you Mother Mary


  197. S v prasad says:

    I have no regular govt job please pray for me

  198. Prince Baptista says:

    Hi, i am not able to view the live coverage of the service, can you pls provide the plugin required, or direct us to the site where it is available. Thanks

  199. Naredla eshwari says:

    Please pray for me and my four months daughter.

  200. HARRY JOSEPH says:


  201. Jenifrank Gnanasekaran says:

    mother mary pray for my son praveen marriage.

  202. Siby Joy says:

    my dear mother mary,please ask ur son our lord Jesus christ to bless me to get pregnant and to get a healthy baby..thank you amma

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