Whatever is happening is for the good

Once, a man started meditating for the God. The God appeared before him and said, “Ask for any boon that you desire.”

The man said, “Oh Lord, the fear of death is scaring me always. Kindly make me immortal.”

The God said, “Granted.”

The man now became immortal. But, he became old after few years. As he became very old, he suffered from many diseases. Nonetheless, he did not die. His wife, friends, brothers all died. He started suffering out of this and prayed to the God again.

The God appeared again. But the man was still obsessed of his attachments in this world.

The God said, “What happened? What do you want now? Do you want to be relieved of your immortality?”

He said, “Oh Lord, you have given me immortality. But, you have not stopped my growing old. Today, I am a 300 years old man. Therefore, I request you to kindly make me ever youthful.”

The God said, “Have you applied your mind on whatever you are asking for? Because, I will not come to you again. This is my last visit.”

The man said, “Yes Lord, I am asking for it after having thought over it.”

The God said, “In that case, let it be as it is.”

Now, the man became young and started enjoying life fully. In this process, he got a life partner. He got back love in his life once again. He had few children. He was completely immersed in his worldly life. But, the old things started repeating. His wife died before his very eyes. His children became old and died. After some years, his dear grand children also became old and were about to die. Now, his youth also started feeling bitter to him.

He again prayed to the God. But the God did not appear this time. However, the man had realized that there is a reason behind the way of this world created by God. A son will die only after the death of his old father as per the rules of creation because the death of a son when the father is living is most sorrowful. Old age will come after youth. This is so because it takes out the excitement of youth from a man and prepares him for his death.

The God did not appear. But the man started becoming old slowly. There was no grievance in his mind now. He had realized that whatever the God does is for the good.

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