A Letter From God

My Dear Children,

As I take a pen in my hand,
It seems to Me you’ve failed to understand,

From ages past,
right up to the end,
All along it has been,
My concept, my Plan,
To accomplish my Will…
I must dwell within Man.

The Spirit of Jesus came,
To Live Inside…
Not just next to,
or Beside,
but deep in us,
He Lives Within.

Some ask, “Give me Your Power”
but, the Power is Mine,
and resides within!
Not from out of You,
but from out of Him!

Oh, My Child, Do you not see?
Before He came, and His Blood to Spill…
Before He died upon the Tree…
In the Garden,.. He surrendered His Will?

Some say “I will follow Him”
but continue to live their own way,
Don’t you see, HE must live within?
Truly follow Him, that is what I pray.

Others say, “What have I yet to do?”
Oh, my Children, is it not clear?
Your Death to self, is what you must do.
Yield to Him, for He loves you so Dear!

“What is surrender? How must I die?”
Do what Jesus did, Give your will to Him!
It’s not about you… it is all about I…
He must be allowed to have His way Within!

He who saves his own life will lose it.
Give it to Jesus, and you will save it.

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