“God’s temple in heaven opened and in the temple could be seen the ark of the covenant.” –Revelation 11:19

After the original sin, God started again with humanity by telling Noah to build an ark (Gn 6:14). Inside the first ark, Noah’s family escaped the destructive flood (1 Pt 3:20). God then established a covenant with His chosen people (Gn 9:9, 12, 13, 15, 16).

Humanity again fell into sin. God started over again by forming a new people and making a covenant with them (Ex 24:8; 34:10). He also made a better ark, “the ark of the commandments” (Ex 25:22). Later, this ark would be called “the ark of the covenant” (Nm 10:33). The second ark contained the tablets on which God wrote the Ten Commandments (Ex 24:12; 25:16). This ark was accompanied by God’s special presence on earth (Ex 40:34).

Humanity once again fell into wickedness and sin. God started over by making the best ark and the best covenant of all. Mary is the new ark of the new covenant. As the third ark, Mary carried in her womb Jesus, God Himself, Who established a new covenant with us in His blood (Mt 26:28). Therefore, Mary is “a sign of sure hope” for us (Lumen Gentium, 68, Vatican II).

The whereabouts of the first two arks are unknown (see 2 Mc 2:5-6), and people still search for them . However, Mary, the third ark, is easy to find. She’s always with Jesus (Catechism, 964). Search diligently for Mary, the new ark, and find new hope in Jesus.

PRAYER: “O Mary, assumed into heaven, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

PROMISE: “Blest are you among women and blest is the Fruit of your womb.” –Lk 1:42

PRAISE: “God Who is mighty has done great things for Me, holy is His name” (Lk 1:49).

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