For Jesus

Only with him I become free
It is only him that allows me to see
Only in his eyes am I an angel by his side
Blessed are you, in which I must abide
The power of his grace, opens my darkened heart
He IS a God that has carried me from the start
With his love, his glory and grace
He will take my soul, to his heavenly place
Stronger than I, and everything we are
He is so close, so near, not far
I only dream of my life without shame
No crying, no sadness, no heartache, nor pain
I love you Lord Jesus, with every beat of my heart
Ive loved you forever, from the very start
Your perfect to me, in all that you do
Your the only thing thats wonderful and true
Without you in my life, without you in my heart
My world would be devestated, my world would fall apart
Never leave me, my savior, my Lord
I need you everyday, thats my true word
Forgive me Lord Jesus, for all my disgrace
Someday Lord, can you take me to our heavenly place
I give you my life, I give you my love
Please consider me… my Lord from up above

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