“The jailer was given instructions to guard them well. Upon receipt of these instructions, he put them in maximum security, going so far as to chain their feet to a stake.” —Acts 16:23-24

The jailer of Paul and Silas did his job to the best of his ability. He may have even gone above and beyond in his job performance, “going so far as to chain [the feet of Paul and Silas] to a stake.” That was probably unnecessary when they were already in maximum security. However, the jailer planned to do his job well.

An earthquake shook the jailer’s prison compound, and “all the doors flew open and everyone’s chains were pulled loose” (Acts 16:26). This was the absolute worst disaster the jailer could have ever imagined. A Roman jailer paid for escaped prisoners with his own life. The jailer knew he was going to die at the hands of his bosses, so “he drew his sword to kill himself” (Acts 16:27).

That’s when the jailer met God in the workplace. His most notorious prisoners pleaded with him to spare his life. They also prevented all the other prisoners from escaping. He knew this was impossible! Only God could have transformed his worst nightmare into his greatest day on the job. The jailer was convicted at the depth of his heart and humbly begged for salvation (Acts 16:30ff).

The jailer was an expert at his job. Yet God showed him His omnipotence and mercy in the midst of his area of expertise, and the jailer recognized in an instant the God of the impossible. May we likewise recognize God moving in our workplace, receive His mercy, and spread His saving love to our coworkers.

PRAYER: “In my work, Lord, be glorified…”
PROMISE: “The Lord will complete what He has done for me.” –Ps 138:8
PRAISE: Albert started a Bible study during his lunch break at work.

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