“In baptism you were not only buried with Him but also raised to life with Him because you believed in the power of God Who raised Him from the dead.” —Colossians 2:12

Today in the Catholic community, we have no Mass and no Holy Communion until we celebrate the Easter Vigil. It is a most peculiar day during which we identify with Jesus buried in the tomb. “Through baptism into His death we were buried with Him” (Rm 6:4).

To be buried with Christ means that our old fallen nature is “six feet under.” We must keep it that way by refusing to return to our sins. If we refuse to dig up the old nature buried in the waters of Baptism, we will continue to live the risen life. Then, on the last day, we will have our bodies risen and glorified. Don’t disturb your old nature’s grave.

PRAYER: Father, lead me into the mystery of my baptismal burial.

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