“A cloud came, overshadowing them, and out of the cloud a voice: ‘This is My Son, My Beloved. Listen to Him.’ ” –Mark 9:7

“God is for us” (Rm 8:31). He “did not spare His own Son but handed Him over for the sake of us all” (Rm 8:32). After that, will He not “grant us all things besides?” (Rm 8:32) God couldn’t love us more. He loves us unconditionally, sacrificially, infinitely, perfectly, and eternally.

Nevertheless, God does things and allows things in our lives which we can’t understand. Although this should make us question our powers of understanding, we are instead tempted to question God’s love.

To dispel all doubts about His love, the Lord does not necessarily explain in detail why things are the way they are. Rather, He speaks to us of His cross. He does not always explain why we suffer but rather that He suffered and died for love of us. Jesus joined humanity in its sufferings. Jesus is Emmanuel, that is, “God with us” in suffering (see Mt 1:23).

To learn the lessons of love in the midst of suffering, we must listen to Jesus when He speaks of the cross (see Mk 9:7). This is a difficult subject for us. However, it is Jesus’ favorite subject, and because Jesus is our transfigured Lord and God, we listen to Him.

PRAYER: Father, send the Holy Spirit to help me to listen to Jesus about crucified love.
PROMISE: “I swear by Myself, declares the Lord, that because you acted as you did in not withholding from Me your beloved son, I will bless you abundantly.” —Gn 22:16-17
PRAISE: Praise Jesus, transfigured, crucified, risen, and glorified God!

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