In His Garden

In His garden, there are flowers
that blossom in the sun.
They open in the morning
and close when day is done.

Some bloom in early springtime,
just after winter’s chill,
and some in heat of summer
seem to cover every hill.

They come in lovely colors,
from bright to palest hue
and the sweetest time to smell them
is when they’re damp with dew.

Yes, everyone loves flowers,
but I think that you should know
there are other things of beauty
that in His garden grow.

There are stalks of hardy grasses
and frilly fronds of fern,
prickly growth of cactus
and colorful leaves that turn.

Just like people, all are different;
unique, just as He planned.
Together, in His garden,
they fill this lovely land.

~ Linda Lee Gleason

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