“Both in life and in death we are the Lord’s.” –Romans 14:8

“While we live we are responsible to the Lord” (Rm 14:8). Jesus is “Lord of both the dead and the living” (Rm 14:9). To be saved, we must recognize “the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pt 2:20), “believe in the Lord Jesus” (Acts 16:31), and confess with our “lips that Jesus is Lord” (Rm 10:9).

However, we can deceive ourselves about being under the lordship of Jesus. Jesus said: “None of those who cry out, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of God but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven” (see Mt 7:21). For example, if we judge others’ character, we are acting as if we are the lord rather than being under the Lord (Rm 14:10). Moreover, if we belong to the Lord, we have the heart of the Lord for the lost. Jesus ate with and died for tax collectors and sinners to lead them to salvation (see Lk 15:1ff). If we don’t seek out the lost sheep, have we accepted the Shepherd of the sheep as our Lord? (see Lk 15:3ff)

Ask the Holy Spirit to overcome the spirit of deception and show you whether you have accepted Jesus as Lord on His terms, for “no one can say: ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except in the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor 12:3).

PRAYER: Father, may I want to be a martyr for You.

PROMISE: “I tell you, there will be the same kind of joy before the angels of God over one repentant sinner.” –Lk 15:10

PRAISE: Charlie accepted the “hard teachings” of Jesus (see Jn 6:60) and his faith came alive.

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