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  1. JLSM-PrayerGroup says:

    Dear Phil anon,
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart for he says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. And believe For nothing is impossible with God.”Luke 1:37 .God Bless. Be of good cheer.

    • praveenkum,ar says:

      Dear sir,my name is praveenkumar,g since 2 years my suffering with evil spirits,in previous she is very prayerful,in those 2 yers she not interested to do prayer,and stay with me,and attempt 5 times suicide-please brother i have 2 little children,please for us,my wife name is the name of jesus i believe god to salow my probelem soon.thanks&regards,praveenkumar

      • Jesus - My Great Master says:

        You are in our Prayers.

      • Tiffany Smith says:

        Even as a strong Christian I was hit with spiritual warfare like you would not believe. My prayers were not being answered for relief. I started praying something like this “Please Lord permit in heaven and on earth In Jesus’ name that the strong right arm of the Lord will fight for me and take this battle from me, that Jesus makes me more than a conqueror and crushes the enemy under my feet! I resist the devil and he must flee from me! Lord permit in heaven and on earth that I rest in Jesus, that he carries my burdens for me. Permit in heaven and on earth that Your Holy Spirit will fill me with peace and comfort, that Your heavenly hosts will put a spiritual hedge of protection around me and my family and fight off the enemy in the heavenly realms and here on earth. Please permit this in heaven and on earth, In Jesus’ name. Amen!” 8/24/14 I finally got some relief after praying like this. And I had no idea if invoking every part of God’s provisions would do it, I was desperate and God finally answered. Prayed for you, take care and God bless.

    • anto says:

      i like this website for praying for others and their needs, sure god will listen to us.

  2. joseph says:

    i really love this website such a nice and useful website


    Dear sir/ mam ,
    plz pray for me and my family i want to bear a child . and my husband has to understand my situation .for all the things

  4. michelle m triska says:

    PRAY GOD HEALS ALL MY SICKNESSES AND DISEASES BROUGHT UPON ME BY THE WORLD hernia, gas, flatuence with a unknown cause by psychiatric meds

  5. robin thomas says:

    God mari help karo god plz mai apne papo k leye pachta ra hu plz mari pap shama kar plz ek bar acha insan bane do mujhe mera pya vaps de do plz maa plz maa help karo usk bhina nai jee na mujhe maa plz

  6. robin thomas says:

    Maa plz usk dil me mare leye pyar do maa plz maa plz

  7. robin thomas says:

    God apna chamatkar dekha do mari shipra plz mujhe vaps lota do plz maa mai kasam khata hu ab kabhi uska dil nai dukhao ga kasam khata hu god bus ek bar mari help kardo plz maa

  8. Anthony Thomas says:

    I pray God to bless all those who pray for me

  9. rajani says:

    in time of my confusion God showed me this i am very happy and i pray to God that He may bless all those who pray for me and my intentions


    Praise to blessed mother of Health my father V,Boney boss know he is improving is health we thank and praise blessed mother for is wonders .We keep him under the feet of our blessde mother to bless him with good health and let his heart and kidney function well .we thank the pray team for praying to my father PRAISE TO BLESSED MOTHER OF HEALTH AMEN.


    let us pray to my father v boney boss tomarrow he has ENGEOGRAM test . let that test be normal . their should not be any blocks in heart by the blessing of our blessed mother . let us join hands and pray for him for the good result . He should be back to normal condition PRAISE TO OUR LADY VAILANKANNI MADHA


    Praise to blessed mother of health Vailankannai madha for healing my father V .BONEY BOSS,THE ENGEOPLAST HAS BECOME NORMAL PRAISE TO BLESSED MOTHER and for the prayer team for the wonders and miracale .we give thousands thanks to blessed mother By his son Boney boss Ramesh.Praise to mother ALWAYS.

  13. ramya says:

    My father mr. Ayyanan. We lost my mother 2 years back. Now my father is worrying about me and my maariage. He is very disappointed bze of family problem. He is in very big depression. He is heart patient. He is worrying lot now. He should be healed from all health problems and all family problems. He should be fine and healthy and happy. Pls pray for him. I need my father

  14. mary suguna says:

    Dear loving arokiya velagani matha pls thank u very much for giving this suggestion through doctors pls give courage to grow in ur faith and guardian angel to save from all evil things we are very greateful to u and to our lord jesus Christ matha have mercy on us give good health to her and to him (My father and mother) Matha she is suffering with headache so kindly relieve her from this pain to this intention we all pray to u those who need like our prayers pls listen to their requests or prayers also we love u matha. Thank u

  15. mary suguna says:

    Thank u Velagani arokiya matha she did not under gone any operation now she is having lot of headache and bp is high pls save her from this pain and give her good health to this intention we pray , u r the doctor ur the almighty to everyone pls touch ur hand and pour ur spirit on her head so that all bad evils should go off. to this we pray with all our hearts. thank u matha pls do the miracle with her .

  16. mary suguna says:

    thank u dear loving mother u have done good miracle with in few minutes u have done great miracle to our family my mum was suffering with headache now i requested u through on line prayer she lost her pain , she talked me now that she is alright matha pls save my mother and give her long life to go to ur church this i request u from long back pls do it though ur spirit that our village church – she used keep alwyas flowers to u pls she has continue this thing i have to see this in my church pls do this help to me in this intention i pray to u .

  17. Suresh Kumar says:

    Its Good For All People……

  18. vishal says:

    sir. meri our meri family ke liye good health ke liye , financial plroblem ke liye our government job ke liye prarthana kijiye sir.

  19. Joseph kanakaraj says:

    I live in usa with famil and all i need prayers these day blesed mother mary birthday sep 8th so request once again

  20. JOHN says:

    Please pray for my daughters

  21. Naresh says:

    please prayer me I am in very critical position .Jesus please help me help me

  22. DEEPA J says:


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