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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Police Job0October 21, 2016Details
our family safety & security1October 20, 2016Details
Relationship1October 20, 2016Details
For My Life1October 20, 2016Details
For my job1October 20, 2016Details
about my love0October 20, 2016Details
Job requirement3October 19, 2016Details
starting busness2October 18, 2016Details
Marriage3October 18, 2016Details
Healing of my Dad2October 18, 2016Details
healing prayer 1October 18, 2016Details
GIFT OF CHILD 4October 16, 2016Details
seeking new job in pharma3October 15, 2016Details
basheer satan effect2October 15, 2016Details
job 5October 15, 2016Details
Sale of land4October 11, 2016Details
Marriage 7October 6, 2016Details
seeking for job4October 6, 2016Details
For healing4October 5, 2016Details
Financial support7October 5, 2016Details
good decision to my life10October 4, 2016Details
Untitled9October 3, 2016Details
seeking for job11October 2, 2016Details
MARRIAGE PROPOSAL8October 1, 2016Details
MARRIAGE PROPOSAL9October 1, 2016Details
future5October 1, 2016Details
For my Son5October 1, 2016Details
marriage5September 30, 2016Details
Son Einstein to get bride.7September 28, 2016Details
Healing4September 28, 2016Details

Police Job

Jyothi Nirmala
Please do pray for my test and exams. After many struggles and suffering with black magic and people who have cursed me to not to get success in my life and career, In between so many problems i am Preparing for this physical test and Exams of Sub-Inspector of Police, Jesus and Mary, Please do give me knowledge, wisdom, Memory power, and intellectual power for completing this exams successfully without any problems. I should clear this exams without any problems. Please do guide me in this exams and protect me from all problems. I prayer and bind me, My exams results, my wishes in the blood of Jesus Christ.Amen Amen Amen

our family safety & security

Venmani Gnanatheeepam
Please pray for our whole family safety as per will Mother Mary and Jesus.


Jyothi Nirmala
Dear In Christ Jesus/Mother mary Please do pray for my relationship with Mr.Ruban James, We both like each other but because of people in b/w me and Ruban Jame have created many misunderstanding. Where with this confusion Ruban as stated that i dont like you jyothi. I dont know why, But i came to know because of some people he is very much misunderstanding me and my family. But really Ruabn James is very good at heart, i know this.I tried to clear his confusion but right now we both dont talk with each other even we see. I want Ruban James only to talk with me, and revile his love to me. Even Ruban's mom should agree for your marriage.Please do pray for this reason. I have got many insults due to this relationship but i trust Jesus because he put my head on top by making this marriage a successful one Ruban Jmaes weds Jyothi Nirmala.I bind this request in the blood of Jesus Christ Amen.

For My Life

Pray for my job, my life, partners life, financial strength, relive from PCOD for marriage and parents & inlaws health and wealth.

For my job

This is first time i do work as an account . Some time i realy understand how to do the account a propere way . Please pray for me learn account as well .

about my love

dear jesus ,,, nowdays m nt happy becouse my love i m really beg you giving back my love normally

Job requirement

Mathew Rajasekaran G
pray for me to pass in the central government examination (GATE), and to get a central government job relevant to my discipline.

starting busness

soban babu
give more profit


Suganya Arumugam
Quickly, I have a perfect life partner in my life.

Healing of my Dad

My Dad Mr.R.Kalaichelvan was in hospital for about 3 months. since he is affected by stroke he has three bed sores and his hip bone is dislocated.i need you to pray for my father please. I love my father like anything. i need my dad back . heavenly father please give my father back. please please please. i want my father back like normal. we are feeding him though nose using ryle's tube. god please make my dad to eat via mouth. he wan to eat by mouth. make my dad that conscious please. Lord make my dad like before. he have lot to see. give me by DAD back please.please. lord my heavenly father only you can make my father to make him normal. only you can lord. please help me.

healing prayer

venkateswaran k
Healing my body please pray powerful healing.please please please pray powerful healing


velankanni matha please gift me a child. and i am married 12 years forgive my sins and bless me mother.

seeking new job in pharma

Alfred Paul

basheer satan effect

reshma anon
basheer is my father.since last two days he is having satan lady in his dreams n from then he fell iĺl.n not eating anything .vomitings.he is a psralysed person.plz help my father.i trust in jesus.he can di miracles.plz pray for my father to leav the me plz.


monica anon
I'm going for interview today so please pray for me

Sale of land

Thomas Raj
Please pray for me to sale 80 cents of land.I tried it for last 6 years.Still I cannot.It could only through God,So please pray for me.Thank u in the name of Jesus.


Mahalakshmi g
Please prayer for me about my marriage with jesus blessing and peaceful

seeking for job

Please prayer for me ..last one im job searching still now i did't get any job..prayer for me

For healing

I'm having problems in my periods..I'm getting very much stress about that..please pray for that

Financial support

Lord please help from my debt. I have to pay 5 lakh to Landlord. Please somehow my Land in Tenkasi should go for sale for 5 lakh. Please lord you have done so many things for me. My husband as usual he is helpless. Please lord do something for me.

good decision to my life

martin wilson
dear, all i need good decision for my life i confused so much so i want good and great ideal life.


radha m
i met one brother recently.his name is ronald and his wife name is viji.they do not have children for the past 15 years.please pray for them.and my humble request is to please pray for my job. praise to lord..thank u

seeking for job

avinash anon
please pray for my bank job waiting for last one year.


Praise the Lord. Please pray for my Son Nevilkatton should get married to a Christian and god fearing girl. thanks




gowthami maddu
please pray that i want to get good score in GATE exam

For my Son

Sathiyanathan Felix
Mother Mary Please hear my petition: For my son recovery from hydrocele Ave Mariya


ty das
Marriage ptoblems

Son Einstein to get bride.

Gnanatheepam Lazar
Please pray for our son einstein to ge suitable bride for his earlier marriage as per Jesus will.


Dear Sir, Please pray for my daughter sandra ( 14 year old girl - study in 9 standard she is afraid to eat food. she have stomach pain and health problem. we consult doctor and start medication and counciling. she is always tension and anxity and fear. so kindly pray for a healing. please pray for our family also. Thank you
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

27 Responses

  1. sasikumar says:

    holy life holy spirit – heal spinal code, both leg. thanks

  2. R.KAVITHA says:

    Pray for me that i m struggling so many problems that would have sort out from me. pls for me.

    • Jesus - My Great Master says:

      Our Special Prayers for you.

      • G sujatha says:

        அன்புள்ள சகோதா் என்குடும்பத்தில் உள்ள பிரச்சனைகள் கணவர் குடிபழக்கம் உள்ளவர்,பிள்ளைகள் படிப்பில் ஞானத்தில் குறையால் மறந்து விடுகின்றனா் எனக்கு ஒரு நல்ல வேலை கிடைக்கவும் என் குடும்ப பிரச்சனை திரவும் ஐெபித்துகெள்ளூங்கள்

        • Jenifa says:

          Nengal Andavar yesu christhuvin mulamai therinthu kolapatavargal nalaya dhinathai kurithu kavalaipadavendam namathu karthar ungaludane irukirar avarudaya karpanaiyin padi nadathuvar athu unagaluku kaspayirukalam anal avar oru pothum kai vida devan aga iravum pagalum sothiram seluthungal nengal vendikolvathai avar nadathuvar elam yesu christhu parthukolvar. ini ungaludaya kudumbathai avar sumanthu kolvar kirubai endrum ungalodirupathaga

  3. swathy says:

    dear bro & sis in jesus christ , please pray for my family . we are having a financial problem and we are in critical situation for the past 1 year. i trust our lord jesus christ only can help me on this . do remember us in your personal parayers too . thanks for the miracle going to happen in my family .

    • Alwin simon says:

      i will pray for u….don’t worry about anything our God will help you….

    • Jenifa says:

      First of all you have to deliver from the sin you just say all your sins to your god . After that you Don’t worry, God always with you and your family whatever the problem may be put down you. Jesus will heal you,raise you and make shine in this world But Jesus waiting for your lonely prayer and family prayer. Every morning and evening please praise the lord. After you praise the lord your needed will be received by the holy spirit Jesus. And you ask anything with the name Jesus surely you will get a good news within 1 week but your prayer in very important then only god will reply you

      God loves you
      with jenifa

  4. G sujatha says:

    அன்புள்ள சகோதா் என்குடும்பத்தில் உள்ள பிரச்சனைகள் கணவர் குடிபழக்கம் உள்ளவர்,பிள்ளைகள் படிப்பில் ஞானத்தில் குறையால் மறந்து விடுகின்றனா் எனக்கு ஒரு நல்ல வேலை கிடைக்கவும் என் குடும்ப பிரச்சனை திரவும் ஐெபித்துகெள்ளூங்கள்.


    Enakku nalla thirumana varam viraivil amaiya vaendum entu enakkaga prayer pannunga.

  6. chandralekha says:

    sthothiram appa
    dear sister and father…..
    I got Married.. 8 months finished… my husband and me need baby…. we r trying for baby.. but every month i disappointed in that.. pls pray for me….. i need to carry baby… in home every one asking about baby… pls sisters and fathers pray for me . and for few days no peace in family.. pray also for that
    I hope GOD ll hear my words, prayers..

    • Jenifa says:

      Dear sister, Don’t worry about anything Jesus says i will heal you and you will Glorify me so waiting for your wonder

      God loves you
      by jenifa

  7. Swathi says:

    Dear Sister or Father…
    My name is Swathi. i am working one private company in tirupati. i am having lot of problems in my family & my personal life. last month i commited suicide also.. by god grace he only saved my life.. past 9 yrs na oru boy (Vamsi) a love pandra. adu epo breakup ayuduchi oru satan alla.. pls pray for us.. i am believing my god.. he is wonderful god.. pls pray for me & my family..

  8. sheela says:


  9. Ambigai @ Maharani says:

    Delivery from sin and i want a victory before that i need a pure love,shall Jesus talk with me ah? Because i have done a lot of wrongs and my lover also hate me and i want to protect my family, i am a big sinner in this world i hate my self i don’t want to be a burned for everybody please forgive my sins dad

  10. Ambigai @ Maharani says:

    i need a salary increment and a good knowledge i pray in the name of Jesus

  11. Ambigai @ Maharani says:

    First off all i want to talk with Jesus and i want to be with God’s feet

  12. Jenifa says:

    Dear Beloved one,
    Praise the lord and continue your work with the name of Jesus. Jesus waiting for your voice so praise the lord start praying now itself. Surely you will get a good result.

    Grace be with you
    by Jenifa

  13. Jenifa says:

    Dear Divya anon,

    Remove all your sins which is hate by Jesus. If you are ready to come with Jesus you have to remove of your sins. Then God says

    “IF you Remove All of your sins which hate by Jesus in your life. Then you need not to search here and there” this is the verses from bible. So dear sister don’t worry about anything God ready to give a good and blooming in your life. You will Glorify Jesus within a week as soon as possible.

    Grace be with you

  14. ramesha babu says:

    sir my marriage purpose pray for sir

  15. vinoth says:

    i want to job position to be transfer and promotion, sister need a job and marriage purpose. pray for my uncle not having child more than 10 yrs.
    i want to construct a home for my parents. corruption should be get out from India. All peoples should get food for 3 times a day, shelter and cloths. poverty should go out from your country. i want to help poor peoples and help others.

  16. suresh says:

    pray for me and my family,all my freinds.

  17. jeyasivakumar says:

    my father was suffering from stroke attack in nervous system was damaged he was in critical situation.please pray for my muthusamy has recover from this illness and give good health for them and pray for his long live.please pray for me and family for solve my financial problems and good health and happiness for my family and solve the properties problems.and give chillds for me.pray for good health and happiness and long life to my father.solve my properties problem

  18. frenzina gomes says:

    Pray for me & my family for good health happiness & peace of mind.

  19. maryangelamercy says:

    pls pray 4 my sem5th exam resuts

  20. Akshi says:

    Please pray for my bf spinal cord injury ..

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