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Pray for my Dad's Health0March 23, 2017Details
to get high marks in the plus two board exam for my daughter1March 18, 2017Details
blessing1March 16, 2017Details
Job and house 1March 14, 2017Details
Untitled0March 13, 2017Details
my future my wife his name is aruna come to my life1March 13, 2017Details
Personal1March 13, 2017Details
Marrage1March 13, 2017Details
to get high marks in the plus two board exam for my daughter4March 9, 2017Details
Baby1March 8, 2017Details
my husband must trust in jesus christ1March 7, 2017Details
baby2March 6, 2017Details
Please pray for pregnancy1March 6, 2017Details
Education1March 6, 2017Details
Marriage4March 3, 2017Details
for normal delivery1March 2, 2017Details
To give strength1March 1, 2017Details
Health, Job and Sale of House1February 27, 2017Details
WEDDING8February 27, 2017Details
selection in bank exam4February 26, 2017Details
father and mother helth3February 25, 2017Details
headaches 1February 25, 2017Details
economically problems 1February 25, 2017Details
peace in the family&good health1February 24, 2017Details
prayer for my best frd DEEPIKA1February 22, 2017Details
i want my wife jemil1February 21, 2017Details
healing1February 19, 2017Details
Me and Hemimal roopa princy should get married1February 18, 2017Details
Build new home2February 18, 2017Details

Pray for my Dad's Health

Binu Edwin
My Dad is suffering from Gastric Cancer and he is undergoing Chemotherapy. Last year he underwent an Open heart surgery and his heart is functioning only 40%. So please pray to god that he should not get any side effects. Please pray to god that his cancer should be cured completely. Thanks, Binu

to get high marks in the plus two board exam for my daughter

Oh my God,Please help my daughter (Aathira A. Menon) who is preparing for plus two board exam (bio-maths) exam. May your blessings shower on her and be with her always to get high marks (her wish is to get A1 in all subjects) in the exam. My Lord, please help your daughter. Be always with us. I trust you very much.


sathish hari
Make me king solomon.pray.

Job and house

My husband Allwin should get job and tenant should come for vacant house


bhakya lakshmi

my future my wife his name is aruna come to my life

hari venkata nagendra
Hi sir my name is nagendra. I'm from problem is my life not happy.why because my future wife is not talking to me. His name is Aruna. My problem is she is not talking with me she is avoiding me.. Pls father pray for me.given me best miracle my self..Aruna come back to my life..I'm so happy.I'm ready to marry her..pls change her mind and come back to my life pls father pray for me..happy with in the Jesus Christ touch me and touch her heart and come back to my life.please pray for me.


Praise the Lord, please pray for me as i have lot of problems surrounded by me i request if you call me @ 7204438998/ mail me as i will not be able to share everything over the mail i need to talk to some GOd's person that i can relieved, please help me, Thank you, Kavitha


Arabindow Baskaran
Holy Mother pray for house in Kerala to be my daughter to get an appointment letter and my house in Kerala to be sold for a good price and all my debts be cleared. In Lord Jesus name I pray. Amen


please pray to my love marrage with my parrents support ...thank you jesus

to get high marks in the plus two board exam for my daughter

Oh my God,Please help my daughter who is preparing for plus two board exam (bio-maths) exam. May your blessings shower on her and be with her always to get high marks (her wish is to get A1 in all subjects) in the exam. My Lord, please help your daughter.


since 14 year married ,I have no child. Please pray for me

my husband must trust in jesus christ

My husband was a poosari in murugan temple. He must leave that stone and belive in the Holy sprit


for past two years I don't have child....plz pray for me

Please pray for pregnancy

Raja Prabhu
My wife has cyst in her left ovary.. Please pray for her and get the child naturally


anon anon
Mother Mary, please intercede for me to Jesus for re admission of my son to B com in SXC to complete his graduation.


i want to get marriage soon.I want to get good life partner with good habits,behaviour,affectionate ,lovable ,good job and trust ful husband and he need to take care of my parents and we will take care of our both side parents with jesus christ blessing.

for normal delivery

for normal delivery and good health for my baby my due date is june 8

To give strength

Jesus na ipo oru business panitu irukan ....athu nalla poganum sekiram enga appa kita vanguna money thirumba kudukanum...intha year orphanage kuduka vendiya 25000 sekiram kudukanum pls help me for that...ena en thambi romba kevalama ah pesitan i thought him as my own siblings but the words he used was really hurting and really painfull..Jesus pls give me strength to come out of that...Pls pray for me ...

Health, Job and Sale of House

A Margaret Mary
Amma mother mary, Please pray for my parents health and for their diabetics and blood pressure. Amma bless them with a good health and energy. Mother Mary, please pray for my eye short sightedness and should not wear a specks that i should see the things without wearing the specks beofre my marriage. I pray in the name of almighty lord. Amen Amma Velankanni Matha, our house should be sold for a good price and and clear all the loans and borrowings and should get a new beautiful house in Chennai or Pondicherry and should settle in life and live peacefully. And should get a good permanent job. we might have done sins please forgive all our sins and pray for us and give the one which is best. I pray all this in the name of Jesus. Amen


pls pray to my marrage..with my mani mama..

selection in bank exam

Dominicjayapal anon
Ave Maria.Praise the Lord.Please bless my son D.Jesuraj and help him to attend the bank exam in a well manner and help him to score high marks and to select for the bank job.

father and mother helth

Please pray for my father and mothe. Good health and pease


Please for my husband. His headaches.

economically problems

Pleas pray for my husband. He is very difficult situation. Economically. Please pray for my husband

peace in the family&good health

satish nirmal
For a good education for my son`s Rahul christoper&Deeraj rozario

prayer for my best frd DEEPIKA

Murali Krishna
She has exams in ncxt month so could plz prayer for her

i want my wife jemil

joseph raj
my wife family side not support and my lover jemil also please,she is family is big family 7 brother last my jemil total 8 member this important problem i am middle class family work in civil engineer no family back round ,i want my lover jemil please pray for ne


lucy mathews
Dear Pastor, sister and my dear kids Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Kindly pray for my daughter Shiny she is having sneezing for last five years. She is not interest in her studies She attended the class earlier now a days she is telling she want to change the stream she is science student now she want commerce . Some curses are behind this. Her friends are also advising her to skip from this course. We are going through financial crises then also we thought after her education we have some relief but everything is against us. Please pray for leave her bad friendships She is not attending the class so that I am very much worrying. Please pray for family peace and will of God in her life. Also pray for my husband his job and health and my son Joshua for his studies. Myself having leg pain pl uphold us in your prayers. My mother having arteritis and very severe pain pl pray for my mother. Ps-41-1, written like GOD bless ur ministry and family Your prayers are very much valuable ln our life we are also prying your family and ministry Your sister in Christ Lucy

Me and Hemimal roopa princy should get married

Narasiman anon
I would like to marry hemimal roopa princy. We both love each other. Her parents are not letting us to get married. They are emotionally threatening her. Dear god show mercy on me. Forgive my sins and let me live with princy till my last breath

Build new home

Dear Father, May God bless you and all. Father my parents are affected by health problems and i have no own home and I have no job. please kindly prayer for my family members and few days will build new home. please father accept my request and prayer. thank you father.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

13 Responses

  1. satish says:

    For getting good score in pte exam

  2. satish says:

    To get good score in pte exam

  3. chaitanya sri says:

    for getting good job

  4. vandana says:

    mere aur mere bhai ke riste me jo duriya ayi hai woh pyar me badal jay

  5. antony says:

    dear one pray for my family and friends and to my children ,and aslo for my D-pharma certificate is delaying to get soon. and in work place for my son good school and to pruchase a good car to my family.
    in the name of almighty pls pray for me

  6. lord jesus aaj mujhse gunah hua hai prabhu mere is gunah ke liye mujhe maf kijiye aur mujh par apni kripa ashis dijiya mujh par aye sankat se meri raksha kijiye


    good health, change of attitude, peace of mind, stop drinks, get a house, peace and unity in the families, to get a good job abroad, suitable partner, studies, diabetic should be control, good health for my aunty and uncle, please dont mention my name please keep me in your prayers

  8. abhijit ghase says:

    pl pray for my good health abhijit

  9. Sampath kumar says:

    pray for my son Rohan Leonardo 10 th std to obey parents and go to school he giving problem

  10. Jyothi Nirmala says:

    Please do pray for my test and exams. After many struggles and suffering with black magic and people who have cursed me to not to get success in my life and career, In between so many problems i am Preparing for this physical test and Exams of Sub-Inspector of Police, Jesus and Mary, Please do give me knowledge, wisdom, Memory power, and intellectual power for completing this exams successfully without any problems. I should clear this exams without any problems. Please do guide me in this exams and protect me from all problems. I prayer and bind me, My exams results, my wishes in the blood of Jesus Christ.Amen Amen Amen

  11. yalik says:

    Pls pray for me to get permanent & regular Job. Also pls pray for me to get a life partner.In Jesus name Amen.

  12. anitha says:

    please pray for my studies… i am in hindu family but i belive in jesus, i want to get clear in all papers please pray for me pls pls pls and my friends also get good marks in semester exams…

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