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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
My future 0January 16, 2018Details
For Normal delivery1January 16, 2018Details
Normal delivery 1January 16, 2018Details
Marrage 1January 12, 2018Details
weaning from mobile phone and computer1January 11, 2018Details
Healing prayer request6January 2, 2018Details
Work & Future10January 2, 2018Details
For Govt. Job3January 1, 2018Details
govt. job2December 30, 2017Details
pass the exam2December 30, 2017Details
Daughters Marriage2December 30, 2017Details
For My career and my life partner GK Pavithrasivaguru2December 26, 2017Details
Family and financial, job issues2December 25, 2017Details
Marriage3December 25, 2017Details
Blessing 1December 24, 2017Details
help1December 24, 2017Details
FOR MY FUTURE LIFE2December 23, 2017Details
helth 3December 22, 2017Details
Want Jesus in my life3December 20, 2017Details
Spiritual financial healing blessing 2December 19, 2017Details
studies and job2December 19, 2017Details
government job6December 14, 2017Details
Depression3December 12, 2017Details
Healing of 6 year old relationship5December 9, 2017Details
personal3December 8, 2017Details
carols competition2December 8, 2017Details
about marriage5December 8, 2017Details
Deliverance 4December 6, 2017Details
FOR MY FUTURE5December 5, 2017Details
financial problem2December 2, 2017Details

My future

shalu mardan
Dear sir, my name is shalu mardan please pray for my future, i want to govt, job, my family and my life partner blessing for all family.

For Normal delivery

Nalini Thomas paul
mother Mary with the help of you i received every thing what i am now in my life with you it is not possible. kindly give you blessing and power to my wife to give birth to my child at earliest. becuase he is in 38 week 3 day but still now he does,t the pain and utres doesn't open

Normal delivery

Nalini Thomas paul
mother Mary with the help of you i received every thing what i am now in my life with you it is not possible. kindly give you blessing and power to my wife to give birth to my child at ealeest


K Naresh
my lover(future wife) is not talk to me .please she talk to me I am in very critical position

weaning from mobile phone and computer

please pray for my 10 year old son who is much addicted to mobile phones and computer.I am deeply depressed about it.I have told my mother in law and husband not to give mobile phone and access to computer .They never listen to me.I know not what to do.please pray for my son so that he himself get averse towards those items.

Healing prayer request

Please pray Lord Jesus for quick healing and well being of my family.

Work & Future

Vinoth S
Dear Lord, You know everything. In work place i got problem from my colleagues. please take care me from their. I hand over my life and future to your hand. Please everyday with me and guide me and all problems keep away from me. Thank you Lord. Please give me a good permanent Job and life partner. Amen

For Govt. Job

Please pray for me to get a Govt job in bank.

govt. job

Please pray for me.....I believe in Jesus Christ I wrote exams ...

pass the exam

praise the lord kindly pray for my daughter josna george to pass the OET EXAM will be on 13-1-2018 .Thank you very much FOR THE PRAYER GROUP

Daughters Marriage

Request to please keep both my daughters in prayers to have a life partner.

For My career and my life partner GK Pavithrasivaguru

Dear sir , i do know how to pray because i am hindu .please pray for my career and for my life partner

Family and financial, job issues

My sister family suffering by Job and financial crisis. My sister husband is jobless and he is torturing my sister and he is careless about the family welfare and children. My sister cries like anything due to his behavior. Praying to God to change her sufferings and comfort her by changing her husband attitude and setting his mind to work hard and to take care of the family with depending others.


Sujatha G
My brother's marriage is delaying like anything. My marriage life ended with Divorce. Parents are worried. Prayer request to God for my brother's marriage and the new life for me which will give peace of mind to my parents


Xavier Xavier
Dear Annaiye forgive me. Bless my son and daughter my family. Save my family


yelam das
he prabhu ap to jante Ho na mera mining exam ho rha h na hi naukri lg rhi h ..pls meri help kro...


Dear god,I'm in love more than 7years.I'm willing to marry that person with all my family&parents blessings.I don't want to hurt anyone in both of us family. Lord you are the only one who can do miracles in our life,Lord,if it is your wish please help us to marry&live a true christian and happy life with all your love and blessings. Dear brothers and sisters kindly pray for us,with go'ds blessings if we got marry i will write my testimony.


Gopal anon
deep sound from ear it's very painful

Want Jesus in my life

Marin Raj
I want Jesus to be with me all the time and help to fight satan.

Spiritual financial healing blessing

I want spiritual financial healing blessing growth I want compromise with my husband.we are separated last 3 years.we are stuck in court case. my Husbnd ready to compromise.but in-laws not agree mother in law brother in law and they forcing my husband for divorce.i want their heart melt.their thinking change about me. My daughter waiting her dad Pls pray for my marriage life

studies and job

kindly pray for the successful completion of MY PhD and to get a job

government job

i written the exam waiting for result so please success when got job


Pls lord Jesus help me.i have confusion with my life Jesus.suresh kannan person August 21 in 2016 talk with me.he is also like with me.myself also I like that person jesus.because carrying same character .me and suresh kannan.if u like means Jesus .I want married that person if u accepted means I am also accepted Jesus.if u don't want that person means .I never want Jesus. Now I am so depressed that one Jesus.suresh kannan scolding me a lot Jesus.because my carrier I am didn't go for any job.suresh kannan police work Jesus.

Healing of 6 year old relationship

I want to make a Prayer request for my fiance Eldrich and my relationship. We have been in relation for 6 years and got engaged 2 years ago. Due to some misunderstandings, our marriage has been called off. The evil has taken my fiance away from me. I believe that we love each other and want to stay together forever, but the evil is not allowing us to talk. I love my Eldrich and I believe God has made us for each other, but evil is keeping us back. Please restore my relation with Eldrich and make it stronger than before. Help him find his way back to me. I want to make a request that God may bless Eldrich and me, and our relationship and take away all the evil from our relation. I want to make a request that God may bring back my fiance to me and bless us with more stronger love for each other. May God grant my prayer and bring back my Eldrich to me. Amen.


divya and abhishek should get gob fearing life partners

carols competition

mother mary help our to stand 1st in the carolscompetition tomorrow

about marriage

god should blessed me a prayerfull loving husband who loves god....god should send a groom according to his in my liffe..i need more faith $ more spritual life...please pray for me-amen


Health for my husband and myself also enabling grace to continue yo trust and move forward.


i want to get married the person who i love gods wish

financial problem

Arputha raj
I am running Computer Education center at sivakasi.Business is dull. some financial problem.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

14 Responses

  1. satish says:

    For getting good score in pte exam

  2. satish says:

    To get good score in pte exam

  3. chaitanya sri says:

    for getting good job

  4. vandana says:

    mere aur mere bhai ke riste me jo duriya ayi hai woh pyar me badal jay

  5. antony says:

    dear one pray for my family and friends and to my children ,and aslo for my D-pharma certificate is delaying to get soon. and in work place for my son good school and to pruchase a good car to my family.
    in the name of almighty pls pray for me

  6. lord jesus aaj mujhse gunah hua hai prabhu mere is gunah ke liye mujhe maf kijiye aur mujh par apni kripa ashis dijiya mujh par aye sankat se meri raksha kijiye


    good health, change of attitude, peace of mind, stop drinks, get a house, peace and unity in the families, to get a good job abroad, suitable partner, studies, diabetic should be control, good health for my aunty and uncle, please dont mention my name please keep me in your prayers

  8. abhijit ghase says:

    pl pray for my good health abhijit

  9. Sampath kumar says:

    pray for my son Rohan Leonardo 10 th std to obey parents and go to school he giving problem

  10. Jyothi Nirmala says:

    Please do pray for my test and exams. After many struggles and suffering with black magic and people who have cursed me to not to get success in my life and career, In between so many problems i am Preparing for this physical test and Exams of Sub-Inspector of Police, Jesus and Mary, Please do give me knowledge, wisdom, Memory power, and intellectual power for completing this exams successfully without any problems. I should clear this exams without any problems. Please do guide me in this exams and protect me from all problems. I prayer and bind me, My exams results, my wishes in the blood of Jesus Christ.Amen Amen Amen

  11. yalik says:

    Pls pray for me to get permanent & regular Job. Also pls pray for me to get a life partner.In Jesus name Amen.

  12. anitha says:

    please pray for my studies… i am in hindu family but i belive in jesus, i want to get clear in all papers please pray for me pls pls pls and my friends also get good marks in semester exams…

  13. jaheda says:

    Please pray for me to get govt job……

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