“Peter was moved to say to Him, ‘We have put aside everything to follow You!’ ” –Mark 10:28

Like Peter, we are moved by selfishness, pride, and insecurity to tell the Lord about the sacrifices we’ve made to follow Him. We hope the Lord will “pat us on the back” and reward us. The Lord is willing to talk about the subject of sacrifice. However, He may bring up sacrifices we haven’t made. This gives the impression that we have not reached the pinnacle of sacrifice but have barely begun to sacrifice. Next, the Lord may bring up the subject of being persecuted for Him and the Gospel (see Mk 10:30). This is not the way we were hoping the conversation would go. Finally, the Lord mentions that the first will come last (Mk 10:31). Were we trying to be first when we brought up our sacrifices for the Lord? Will we be last?

We are privileged to have been chosen by the Lord to sacrifice our lives for Him. The Lord owes us nothing. We owe Him everything. One day in His courts is better “than a thousand elsewhere” (Ps 84:11). Thank the Lord forever for letting us talk to Him and walk with Him – even to the cross.

PRAYER: Father, make me know the privilege of suffering for You (Phil 1:29).
PROMISE: “Become holy yourselves in every aspect of your conduct, after the likeness of the Holy One Who called you.” —1 Pt 1:15
PRAISE: Fr. Jerry frequently gave away earthly treasures so as to ensure that he never held onto material goods too tightly.

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