Reformed Baptist Church, Salem

In the year 1995 the pastor.Dr.David Elangovan , his wife Naomi and two of their children travelled from Kolli Hills for an year after the morning service there and had regular evening service in a rented house in Salem.For almost an year they were regularly coming like this.Only in two services one high school student attended and nobody else .But they were steadfast.Then they shifted from Kolli Hills to Salem and continued the work in a small building where there was no electrcity. After some months one family started attending .People were visited and invited.

After nearly an year or so a thatched roof was erected on the top of the rented house of David Elangovans.The advantage of it was, it was on the main road as well as close to the residential area.After about three years they were asked to vaccate the house as it was needed for the owner.At that time they could not get a house for rent where the services could be continued as most of the house owners didnot like it.They were praying and looking for a place.Finally there a place which was bought for their house construction was gifted to the church in which a small building with a roof made of sheets of fibre.After nearly 2 years somebody set fire to the building and the services were continued in the burnt down building.By the grace of God again the building was contructed and the service continued.Now nearly 60 to 70 people regularly attend the church on Sundays


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