“My feet kept to the level path because from earliest youth I was familiar with” Wisdom. –Sirach 51:15

Conversion stories are exciting. We weep for joy as the good thief on the cross finds salvation in his last desperate hour (Lk 23:42-43). We marvel at the power of God as He overpowers the worst sinner, the persecutor Saul (1 Tm 1:15), who then incredibly becomes the great apostle and preacher Paul (Acts 9:3ff). Today we are greatly encouraged by the wave of staunch Protestants who have incredibly converted to Catholicism and now powerfully defend the Faith.

A life of faithfulness is not as popular a story. People rarely fill an auditorium to hear about the priest or sister who accepted their vocation as a child and then never wavered from living out their call in holiness and fruitfulness. Not many flock to seek wisdom from the couple who never used artificial contraception, had a large family, and raised children who have all stayed joyfully faithful to the Church.

The popularity of conversions is a very good thing. We constantly need to keep in mind the power of God. Yet when we encounter people who have never wavered in faithfulness and who have faithfully borne fruit over the years, we should seek them out to the point of wearing away their doorstep! (Sir 6:36) We are to frequent their company and stay close to them (Sir 6:35). Faithfulness is caught more than taught. Seek faithfulness by seeking the faithful.

PRAYER: Father, bring people into my life who will lead me to greater faithfulness.

PROMISE: “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.” –Ps 19:8

PRAISE: Alice has built her life around Jesus and has received Him daily in the Eucharist for forty years.

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