Share Your Faith

If you will spend some time each day
Just listening to God’s voice
He’ll tell you what you need to do
And in His words, rejoice.

He wills you to go through each day
Reaching out to those in need
To share your faith with those still lost
He’s with you and He’ll lead.

He gives the words you need to say
Through the Spirit who dwells within
And by your witness to them
Someone lost might turn from sin.

If by your words they realize
There’s a better way for them
Introduce them to your Savior
And the life they’ll share with Him.

Tell them that you’ve walked their way
Before you bowed your head
And asked God to forgive you
For the life of sin you lead.

Tell them He forgave you
When you accepted His only Son
And through His grace He saved you
And your lost soul was won.

You never know who might be saved
If you take the time to share
How they too can be saved like you
And dwell within His care.

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