The Daffodil

It’s March again as I survey
Scenes around the old home place
It’s been vacant now for several years
Sands of time, have changed it’s face

How sad to see how fleeting years
Cause structures to deteriorate
Memory impels me face the fact
Likewise our bodies do relate

Beside the house, still standing there
Something special caught my eye
A yellow daffodil sprang forth
Bathed by sunlight from the sky

Mom planted it some years ago
By God’s care, it was not bound
To relinquish life to winters scorn
A touch of spring, made it rebound

If I could be like the daffodil
And arise from what appeared defeat
I could offer hope for the weary heart
Gloom and dismay would then retreat

So Lord, I’m asking that You would
Empower me with strength and zeal
To sow good seed that would produce
And help some aching heart to heal

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