“He manifests Himself to those who do not disbelieve Him.” —Wisdom 1:2

As I read the above passage, I felt goose bumps form on my body. Today Almighty God manifested Himself to me in His Eucharistic presence (see Wis 1:2). I rejoiced to receive Him in Holy Communion at Mass. Jesus, Wisdom Incarnate (1 Cor 1:30), bounded out of heaven (Wis 18:15; Jn 6:33) to fill me with the Food of Wisdom.

People spend years obtaining knowledge through education and training. Yet we Catholics have been given the Bread of Wisdom, and can receive this Bread daily! Oh, that we would “seek Him” (Wis 1:1) with more fervor than the worldly seek knowledge! (cf Lk 16:8)

We live in an age of information and knowledge. Yet do we live in an age of wisdom? As St. Paul observed, ” ‘knowledge’ inflates,” and can lead us to pride, but “love upbuilds” (1 Cor 8:1). Wisdom without love is nothing; real wisdom must lead to love (1 Cor 13:2).

Jesus, “the Bread of Life” (Jn 6:35), is “Wisdom” (1 Cor 1:30). Attend Mass daily, or as often as possible. Receive the eucharistic Jesus, Wisdom Incarnate, and “get wisdom!” (Prv 4:5)

PRAYER: Lord, “increase our faith” (Lk 17:5).
PROMISE: “The Holy Spirit of discipline flees deceit and withdraws from senseless counsels.” –Wis 1:5
PRAISE: St. Martin worked tirelessly to convert the pagan countryside and fight Arianism, an insidious fourth century heresy.

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