“On that day you will have no questions to ask Me.” –John 16:23

When we are with Jesus in heaven, all the difficult questions will pass away. We won’t need to know why bad things happen on this earth. Seeing Jesus face-to-face will be more than enough. Being with Jesus will cause all else to melt away.

Until that day in heaven for which we long and sacrifice, we do not have the answers we want. Rather, we have the Answer, that is, the Holy Spirit. Today begins the Pentecost Novena, nine days of prayer to prepare for receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. Do you want answers to your difficult questions? Or do you want the Answer? Life in the Spirit is enough, and indeed, is more than enough. The Spirit consoles us and empowers us to bear fruit.

Eventually, in His presence, all of our confusions will melt away. Only His love will remain, along with the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Seek the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will give you the wisdom you need. During this Pentecost Novena, ask the Lord for that which He most wants to give you: the promise of the Father, that is, the gift of the Holy Spirit (Lk 24:49).

PRAYER: Father, give me deep repentance and purification through this novena.
PROMISE: “Do not be afraid. Go on speaking and do not be silenced, for I am with you. No one will attack you or harm you. There are many of My people in this city.” —Acts 18:9-10
PRAISE: Mark received the gift of healing others at a Life in the Spirit seminar.

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