The Unseen Guest

If Jesus spoke to you today
And asked if He could spend
Some time with you and your family
Over this next weekend

What would your reaction be
At this bolt out of the blue
Would it mean mass cancellation
Of things you’d planned to do

Would you feel embarrassed
To have Him in your home
Sharing in your normal routine
Listening to conversations on the phone

Do you think Jesus would like to read
Your usual magazine
Maybe it would end up hidden
In case it should be seen

The plans you had for your leisure
Could Jesus join in with you
That video you intended to watch
Would He enjoy it too?

How about your closest friends
Imagine how you’d feel
Introducing Him to them
Meeting together for a meal ?

Would conversation be stinted
Certain topics be taboo
Hoping nobody would mention
The things you normally do

Now when it came to prayer time
Would your bible be easy to find
Or hidden on a bookshelf
Out of sight and out of mind.

Just think how lovely to take Jesus
When you visit those less fortunate than you
The sick, the lonely or the housebound
Or is that not something you usually do.

All the worldy goods you own
Would Jesus think it fair
When there are people living in Africa
Without a penny to spare.

Well it may just give us food for thought
Perhaps we need to change
Put our priorities in a different order
Our life-style re arrange

Let’s live our lives remembering
That Jesus is right there
In every situation
No matter when or where.

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