Yesterday on the way to Besant Nagar church I met sherly

“The reign of God can be likened to ten bridesmaids who took their torches and went out to welcome the groom.” —Matthew 25:1

The five foolish virgins may not have been any more foolish than most people. They had enough oil in their torches if the bridegroom came at the time expected. Even the wise virgins thought that if the groom came very late, the foolish virgins might have time to go and buy some more oil (Mt 25:9). Furthermore, the foolish virgins presumed the bridegroom would let them in late if they did not get back in time (Mt 25:11).

The five foolish virgins made three tragically erroneous assumptions. The first was that they thought they were sufficiently ready. Do you think you are ready enough for Christ’s final coming or your death? If you could be more ready, should you be more ready? The second was that the five foolish virgins thought they could get ready at the last minute. This will not be possible at Jesus’ coming or in the case of our sudden death. The last was that they thought the bridegroom might say to them: “Better late than never.” In fact, he said: “If you’re late, then never will you enter.” Some people think no one goes to hell. If they are wrong, they will in the end be very wrong and much too late to change.

Are you as ready as you can be? Are you ready for Jesus’ return, your death, and abundant life today? Are you wise enough?

PRAYER: Father, I want to be as ready as possible.
PROMISE: “Whoever rejects these instructions rejects, not man, but God Who sends His Holy Spirit upon you.” –1 Thes 4:8
PRAISE: Frequent and soul-searching Confession prepares Thomas for whatever may come.

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