“Your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not allow of favoritism.” —James 2:1

Many Christians do not show partiality, prejudice, or racism by their words. They know this is wrong; so they don’t do it. However, many Christians still show partiality in subtle ways. For example, many Christians choose to live apart from the poor. They may not have asked the Lord about their places of residence. They just assumed that the Lord wanted them to live in the so-called better neighborhoods if they could afford it or even if they couldn’t afford it.

These decisions have many ramifications. Those who don’t live near the poor don’t talk, eat, worship, and shop with the poor. Someone once said that in the USA the most segregated hours of the week are Sunday from 10 AM to 12 Noon, when whites go to white churches and blacks to black churches. Our subtle partiality has turned into segregation, a lack of solidarity, and a denial of catholicity.

Let us examine our consciences about our residences. By faith in Jesus, let us root out partiality (see Gal 3:28). Otherwise, it will alter our faith. Let Jesus be Lord of our residences and lives.

PRAYER: Father, send the Holy Spirit to use me to break down the division between the rich and the poor.
PROMISE: “You are the Messiah!” –Mk 8:29
PRAISE: David’s parish welcomes worshippers of all colors, and is growing steadily in attendance.

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