Common Prayers (பொது ஜெபங்கள்)

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  1. Nanthini says:

    God pls help me.,I need only sahaya raj because i love him.but he character is totally different,worst….pls god change for sahayam character…pls god help me……….plss…….

  2. m.gomathiarul says:

    jesus pls for bless me my husband missing, pls search my husband arulanantham

  3. Uday rohini says:

    I love you jesus
    Thank you received everyone prayers praise the Lord . Amen

  4. V.Rani says:

    Dear God! Plz help me God, I have many problem face in my life, That only main problem is credit. You have salve my problem Thank you God Thank u God

  5. Mathuraja Lakshmanan says:

    Useful spiritual services.
    We are in search of the old Sinna Kurippidam Tamil Catechism Copy.
    Then we entered in this platform by God’s Grace.
    Always thank you.
    Congratulations in the Holy Trinity.

  6. tamil selvi says:

    i love you jesus i want my husband i cant live without my husband vinod

  7. shelton says:

    Dear God
    please blessing world and people

  8. Remona says:

    My daughter lincy jeevitha had pancreas problem. So she got heavy stomach pain. And my sister mrs, sweety had leg swelling. Please Jesus save my daughter & sister. Jesus christ. Alleluya, amen

  9. Richardson says:

    Jesus pray for me

  10. S.Dilani says:

    Jesus pray for my mother. She is very upnormal conditions… plz help me.. aamen.

  11. saranyaprakash says:

    I love u Jesus pls help me the month my problem solve aganum pls

  12. lingasamy says:

    Yesuve Unnai nesikkeren!!! Enakku nal vazhi onrai kattu. Enakku nalla velai kodu and ennudaiya Phd work nalla padiyaga mudiya aashirvadhiyum

  13. Sugantha says:

    I love one guy so blindly.all are saying that he is not good he is worst like that.i can’t imagine my life without him.sometimes I feel to die or to become mad or something.plzzzzzzzz help me god I can’t barre that one

  14. Jerry says:

    I love u Jesus plz help my brother Ajin suffering from dengue fever plz cure him plz god you are my only believe .

  15. shalini says:

    Love u jesus Christ n love u most ..
    Thanx for everything which i have received in life. pray the lord,alleluia.amen

  16. Law Ken Christian says:

    O! My Lord of heaven. My life is full of sufferings. Please guide me to live a peaceful life. I am a sinner. I have committed a lot of sins. Please forgive me lord and accept me one of your children. Lord help me. Sometimes I feel to commit suicide because of the sins that I committed…. Fogive me Lord for I have sinned. I Love you Jesus….

  17. joseph Gowtham says:

    I have failed my kidneys but believe Jesus recover my kidney,because Jesus never fail.oh my Jesus forgive me.pless me lots.Ave Maria

  18. Raj says:

    Jeasus is always there to bless us

  19. uma says:

    jesus en husband romba drinks sapdurar, please enaku life la panam kasu elainalum parava ela vela senju saptukuvom. en husband athula erundhu veliya varanum, all devoters enakaka en 2years babykaka ellarum jesus kita prayer pannunga please

  20. jothi kumar says:

    dear god,i need one job and l love some one so pls give blessings

  21. MP says:

    Jesus I need a job immediately. Please lord help me in getting a job and lead my life properly. help me financially too. I want a job with in chennai.Please lord help me

  22. Kumar says:

    My beloved Jesus, I love you my Jesus, you are the one the lord and creator of heaven and earth, I will pray from my heart

  23. M. Irudhayaraj says:

    Dear god I’m struggling by skin ulergy for more than a year so many hospitals I have visited but still in the same condition god I believe in you and your miracles pls help and solve my problem and I need good job to lead my life…thank u lord amen

  24. DEEPA J says:

    Dear God,

    Kindly change my life story as per your will not mine

  25. NJ says:

    Jesus please help me to accomplish my dreams and get it into real. Please give me a good job and good health. I need my UG exam results as positive. Please pray for me. Finally, I wish to marry my love as soon as possible.

  26. Divya says:

    God please help me I am 40 days pregant but now I am getting sever stomach pain I can’t bare the pain plz help me god.. And please take. Care of my baby god. After a long treatment I got conceive plzz help me

  27. Androse says:

    God please help me

  28. Abhimani says:

    Dear Lord Jesus we praying for Sarvesh my sister’s nephew.. he met in accident.. knee badly damaged.. he need to go under surgery tomorrow. Unfortunately he is having fever right now from Monday till today.. it will be complicated if the fever never decrease. Dear beloved brothers and sisters please join us to uphold uphold this child prayer. . Amen

  29. lawrence says:

    Dear lord Jesus plz help my family .Ennala neemathiya iruka mudeyala ,so many proplems in my life,pls pray my family ,kadan prachanai athegma iruku ,enaku sethudalalm pola iruku appa,pls help me

  30. Rexsana says:

    Jesus plz helpme my all prblm solve me I loved to one person he is studying he need to Good job plz help me god

  31. Moni Veronie says:

    Jesus help me to get a job and plzzz help my father who is admitted in hospital plsssss Jesus help our family…I believe in only u…..

  32. prasanth says:

    dear god I have lot problems in my life . but I am thinking I can solve the problem my bad luck I cant to do anything everything out of my hand what can I do I don’t know. now I ll give you everything plz give me good solution .. u r my everything

  33. PRaveeN says:

    Dear Jesus I’m in trust with u always but I can’t live in my life because many problem around My brother in out of country but he is not safe there home and income plz with him I trust in you plz help me god

  34. Jernishia says:

    Jesus i need to get a job with good salary …help me stay with my hope and courage ..hold my hand alwys…people say that i have got talent but still i didnt get a job..i need to go through campus..hear my prayers..amen

  35. PRIYAANTO says:

    I’m 38 weeks 4 days and my due date is on 15th October my cervix started dilating so I have been admitted today but pain hasn’t came. Praying for a good and healthy baby with a normal delivery. IM praying for the delivery pain. AMEN

  36. Mary Princy says:

    Thank u God for giving me a life to live as human. To know how the real world is. Thank u for creating me. I love Jesus as much as I love myself .

  37. Thangaraj Murugan says:

    Jesus please help my niece.. she is in ICU ward.. please blessings Jesus.. tomorrow she is brithday..

  38. vasu says:

    jesus plzz i need to clear examination.i have only one arrear plzz jesus help me allaeluyaa,aamen,yesuvin rattham jayam……love you jesus

  39. Bhuvana says:

    i want pass in all subjects without arriyar … me to clear my arriyars..and i need to pass.the….degree without any arriyar…

  40. Bharathi says:

    Please pray for me all my friends , brothers and sisters, I have so much problem in my life.. I had crossed so much struggles in my life.. still i am facing with courage because I believe Jesus with me…he is the only person I m scared of when I m going wrong way…. So I always follow his path.. dear God please give me More power and hope to face my life boldly.. please bless my parents … make them happy please Jesus.. bless all my relatives give them wealth.. bless all my friends.. I need them in my life with same love they r giving now.. bless me Jesus.. I have spinal cord injury.. cure my problem.. do miracle.. I should praise ur name always.. be always with me… Praise the Lord.. amen

  41. Baskar says:

    Please pray for my brother Poothathan who was suffering from dengu fever please

  42. Arun says:

    Please God give one good job

  43. Santhosh Mary says:

    praise the lord. st.joseph please pray for me i am in a critical situation. if today i didn’t complete my work and i am loosing one of my customer.its very important to me. please jesus help me

  44. Jesu Dass says:

    Dear Lord please do help us in clearing the misunderstanding between Harini and myself…She is very kind and loving..let anger not take her over,,please Help us

  45. Reenacharlesraj says:

    God help me to pass my neet results are nearing and iam so panic abt tat..pls help to pass in my neet exam god..

  46. ajay clinton says:

    god! i live like joseph(ot). please give a strength. i will lead my family and poor brothers. i forgive my brothers sins. god help me and trust me. i am a ‘Zaphnath-Paaneah’. thank you god 😉

  47. Monica Alphonse says:

    Pls pray for my 1.9 years old daughter. She is crying in middle of the night suddenly for no reason.. while in day if she takes a nap Also she wakes up crying with heavy shivering of hands as if scared. I have no clue of what’s happening in her sleep… and also pray for my husband. He always ignores prayer and verses…

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