Common Prayers (பொது ஜெபங்கள்)

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  1. Nanthini says:

    God pls help me.,I need only sahaya raj because i love him.but he character is totally different,worst….pls god change for sahayam character…pls god help me……….plss…….

  2. m.gomathiarul says:

    jesus pls for bless me my husband missing, pls search my husband arulanantham

  3. Uday rohini says:

    I love you jesus
    Thank you received everyone prayers praise the Lord . Amen

  4. V.Rani says:

    Dear God! Plz help me God, I have many problem face in my life, That only main problem is credit. You have salve my problem Thank you God Thank u God

  5. Mathuraja Lakshmanan says:

    Useful spiritual services.
    We are in search of the old Sinna Kurippidam Tamil Catechism Copy.
    Then we entered in this platform by God’s Grace.
    Always thank you.
    Congratulations in the Holy Trinity.

  6. tamil selvi says:

    i love you jesus i want my husband i cant live without my husband vinod

  7. shelton says:

    Dear God
    please blessing world and people

  8. Remona says:

    My daughter lincy jeevitha had pancreas problem. So she got heavy stomach pain. And my sister mrs, sweety had leg swelling. Please Jesus save my daughter & sister. Jesus christ. Alleluya, amen

  9. Richardson says:

    Jesus pray for me

  10. S.Dilani says:

    Jesus pray for my mother. She is very upnormal conditions… plz help me.. aamen.

  11. saranyaprakash says:

    I love u Jesus pls help me the month my problem solve aganum pls

  12. lingasamy says:

    Yesuve Unnai nesikkeren!!! Enakku nal vazhi onrai kattu. Enakku nalla velai kodu and ennudaiya Phd work nalla padiyaga mudiya aashirvadhiyum

  13. Sugantha says:

    I love one guy so blindly.all are saying that he is not good he is worst like that.i can’t imagine my life without him.sometimes I feel to die or to become mad or something.plzzzzzzzz help me god I can’t barre that one

  14. Jerry says:

    I love u Jesus plz help my brother Ajin suffering from dengue fever plz cure him plz god you are my only believe .

  15. shalini says:

    Love u jesus Christ n love u most ..
    Thanx for everything which i have received in life. pray the lord,alleluia.amen

  16. Law Ken Christian says:

    O! My Lord of heaven. My life is full of sufferings. Please guide me to live a peaceful life. I am a sinner. I have committed a lot of sins. Please forgive me lord and accept me one of your children. Lord help me. Sometimes I feel to commit suicide because of the sins that I committed…. Fogive me Lord for I have sinned. I Love you Jesus….

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